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Posted in: Chair Shots
The New Blood Present: The Good, The Bad and....The Crow
By TripleR
Nov 13, 2012 - 8:54:49 AM


zzzorf: So Trips how has the Main Page been treating you? Personally, I am having a ball. The readers are not the mean ogres we were warned about but are instead just a great bunch of wrestling fans who like a good discussion about the thing we all love.

It’s funny to think though that our beginning on the Main Page is eerily similar to our time in the Forums. If we turn the clocks back to mid last year we find two new noobs enter the Columns Forum within a week of each other, me with my column on the WWE story reaching it’s end and you with a column about the internet doing wrestling fans a disservice. Fast forward to last month and both of us find ourselves on the Main Page within days of each other.

Trips: It’s good to be up here, and so far everything has been going along swimmingly. I’ve only been told a couple times I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I’m used to that- I used to be married. For the readers who don’t know why we’re doing this, Triple Z and I used to do a regular collaboration called The New Blood, and since we’re the New Blood on the Main Page, we thought we’d bring it back around again. First time we did this, we knocked out something called The Good, The Bad, and (whatever Columns Forum person we wanted to make fun of that day). We ready for this? OK, let’s get crackin’.

zzzorf: Damn man slow down a bit, you are a bit gung-ho about this aren’t you? Where is the nice lengthy intro? The witty banter between us the columnists? The extra filling to make it look like we actually know what we are talking about? Oh well, since you already set the ball rolling we better keep it going.

As Trips said we are the New Blood of the Main Page and we are here to take over and no we will not be as bad at it as our namesakes from WCW were back in the day. Since this is our first column together here on the Main Page we thought we would return to our roots and present to you a column in the same style as our first in the Columns Forum, so lets get this show on the road.

The Good


Last year in this section I put forward the name of Daniel Bryan as what is good in the WWE and guess what, I am going to do it again this year. Before I explain why though I must ask you Trips, do you remember what you said about him in last years column?

Trips: Dude, you know I’m old. I barely remember what I said last week. I’m guessing by the way you asked that I wasn’t very high on Mr. Bryan at the time, or at least I didn’t see a whole lot of potential there.

zzzorf: You and your dementia, I was hoping you would go on and try to fix the blasphemy you spewed forth last year but instead you conveniently forget, well let me remind you then shall I. We had written the column after Bryan had won the briefcase and we were talking about how he had said he would cash the briefcase in at Wrestlemania. You had the hide to say that you believed he would probably not win the title and in fact he would be lucky to even have a job by the end of this year. Do you remember now?

Trips: Um......nope. No, I don’t remember saying those nonsensical things. I believe you have me mistaken for another columnist. Yeah, that’s it- it was someone else. OK fine, I said that, and I am very happy to be 100% completely incorrect in my statement. D-Bry is probably my Entertainer of the Year in the WWE. Now when I did Fact or Fiction, I didn’t call him Wrestler of the Year, but as far as sheer entertainment value and character improvement, he wins hands down.

zzzorf: Honestly when we were talking last year and I was saying how good Bryan could be I had no idea that he would actually be this good. I mean I wanted him to be champion but I was being rather optimistic about it. While he didn’t actually cash in the briefcase at Wrestlemania, blowing his load months before, he did become World Champion and had a pretty decent run with the belt. He has also been involved in two of the most entertaining storylines of the year, the one with AJ and the current one with Kane. I will have to agree with you he hasn’t been the “Wrestler of the Year” but more the “Entertainer of the Year” I believe all it would take is a couple of more lengthy matches with a decent opponent to change that fact.

Trips: Well, when it comes to my “Good,” Daniel Bryan is definitely a part of it. I’m not going to pick a particular person, but instead go with the resurgence of the Tag-Team Division in the WWE. Several months ago, a report came out stating that Triple H was firmly behind jump starting the Tag Team Division and making it relevant again. A large majority of wrestling fans read that and went “OK, I’ll believe it when I see it.” Well, we’re seeing it.


In recent months, we’ve seen the formation of several tag teams; teams that not only are working well together, but teams that actually make sense being together. Let’s take a quick look at a few.

Team Hell No: The current Tag Team Champions, consisting of WWE’s Odd Couple, Kane and Daniel Bryan. What at first looked like a thrown together storyline of two men attending anger management classes has turned into the breakout storyline of the second half of 2012. These two almost always knock it out of the park.

Team Rhodes Scholars: Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow fit together like a glove. They both think themselves above the rest of the WWE, and they play perfectly off one another. I suspect a run with the tag titles is coming soon.

Sin-Sterio: OK, so I made up that name, but putting Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio together has been just what the Botch Master needed. Sin Cara’s work has improved, and quite honestly I never thought I’d say that.

Prime Time Players: Titus O’Neil and Black John Cena have definitely stepped up their game. When Abraham Washington was let go, a lot of people wondered if they could survive without a mouthpiece, but they most certainly have. A strong, formidable team with a huge upside.

Add Team CoBro, Primo and Epico, the Uso’s and 3MB into the mix and you’ve got quite a good division already. However, if you look down in NxT, there are a couple of great looking teams that could join the fray at any time- The Ascension and Luke Harper & Bray Wyatt. As a huge fan of tag team wrestling, I’m giving a major thumbs up to the division right now.

zzzorf: I won’t deny the tag division is starting to find its feet again after a very long and depressing fall, I just worry that there might not be enough to keep it afloat. Three of the major teams, Hell No, Rhodes Scholars and Team Botch are all expected to break up within months. This will leave the bottom rungs of the divisions out in the open to face the scrutiny of the audience and I don’t think they have the staying power to weather that storm. There is always the chance of more throw away teams being put together but that is only a temporary fix.

If the WWE wants the tag division to continue at the strength they have it at at the moment than they need to look at bringing in some more established teams to go with the ones they are trying to establish. There are many ready made teams out there that could be a massive benefit to the roster including The World’s Greatest Tag Team, The Briscoe Brothers, The Young Bucks and The Machine Guns. By injecting some of these teams or other similar pairings, say like the Kings of Wrestling, then the WWE may see their tag division staying at this high level.

Trips: Well we’ve seen in the past, that the WWE isn’t prone to bring in existing tag teams and keeping them together, just look at The Kings of Wrestling who you mentioned. Out of the ones you discussed, the team that is the best fit for the WWE is the WGTT, mainly because they’ve been there before. The Briscoes would get too watered down, The Young Bucks seem to have an attitude problem, and nobody knows if Sabin will ever wrestle again. I’m staying optimistic, because it’s the best we’ve seen in quite some time.

zzzorf: It’s not all doom and gloom in the tag division though, while I am afraid of its future I am loving its present. The one team I am really getting behind is the Masked Crusaders or what we in the IWC like to call Team 61-Botch. Last year I put Sin Cara down in the ugly part of this column because of his continuing botches and his apparent lack of not attempting to get any better. Because of that I am pleasantly surprised to find myself talking about him in the good section this time around. By teaming him up with the flailing Rey Mysterio it has done wonders for both of their careers. For Sin Cara it has given him a mentor who can speak his language, both verbally and in the ring, and is helping him better adapt in the WWE. For Rey it is resurrecting the career that he was starting to lose and hides what age has done to his body.

I have always been a major fan of Rey Mysterio but it has been a long last couple of years with his deteriorating body and the quality of his matches. This teaming has given us the chance to show the strong parts of both wrestlers while hiding their flaws. I really hope the WWE don’t **** up by splitting these two up for a match at this years Wrestlemania just to break the mask record they are so interested in, but I can’t say I am not salivating at the Rey heel turn I have been aching for for the last 10 years to happen (stuff the Cena turn, give me my Rey turn WWE). Maybe instead of splitting them they could put a mask on Daniel Bryan for some reason and have the masked men fight Team Hell No for the titles at Wrestlemania and have 4 different masks for the crowd to choose from.

Trips: They could call him Senor No, I love it. Alright, so we’ve talked about what’s working right now, let’s talk about what isn’t. Let’s get into....

The Bad

I’m going to go with something a little different here, and that’s the WWE’s handling of Jon Moxley/Dean Ambrose. It’s been about a year and a half since the WWE signed Moxley to a contract, and put him in FCW under the name Dean Ambrose. Fans who were familiar with him were excited at the signing, and those that weren’t took the advice of others and checked him out. He’s been involved in a war of words with Mick Foley, and had some great matches against William Regal, but in the past 2-3 months we’ve heard absolutely nothing about Ambrose. It seems like he worked the house show circuit forever, and that normally gauges the fans reaction to a new wrestler. There were mixed reactions from what I read, but nothing that would indicate that we wouldn’t be seeing him debut soon. So where is he?


Not only has Ambrose not shown up on the main roster, but he’s also become somewhat scarce in NxT. There have been no reports of injury, no reports of being in the dog house- he’s just not doing anything. All I can think is that the WWE really has no idea what to do with Ambrose. He’s a bit of a loose cannon, and reminds me of the days when Brian Pillman would go off at the drop of a hat. Is the WWE scared of Ambrose? In the PG Era, is there no place for someone like Dean Ambrose? Are they out of dancing gimmicks? I have no idea, but it seems at this particular moment, that the WWE has dropped the ball on a very talented, very engaging professional wrestler.

zzzorf: This may cost me some credibility but I have not actually seen any of Ambrose’s matches. Yes I have heard of him and I am waiting anxiously to see him appear on my TV, I just haven’t gone out of my way to check him out as yet. I understand your point though about him not appearing on the main roster. He is one of many names I have been waiting for of whom I have heard so much about but the WWE just keep delaying their debut.

I think this is where a major problem lies in the WWE, there is so much talent sitting just behind the curtain, just waiting on that call up to the big time. The thing is that the WWE is not promoting them up but instead just leaving the roster stagnant. No one on the main card is scared for their job because the WWE won’t bring these new guys up to replace them, instead they give them a smaller show on the net. When was the last time WWE had one of their mass firings? To leave the company nowadays you have to ask for your release. If the wrestlers on the roster were scared of losing their job they would perform better to try to keep it. WWE you have the talent, use it.


OK, mini rant over, it’s time for us to move on to my bad. I have touched on this before in one of my other columns but I feel that it is really relevant here. One thing I really hate at the moment in the WWE is Sheamus. Not Sheamus the wrestler but actually Sheamus the character. You see he is supposed to be a face, a guy we cheer for no matter what he does as he is our hero, the guy that we all look up to. The problem is that his character is quite frankly put, a bully. Everything from calling people names to cheating to win to physically attacking people for no apparent reason right through to doing illegal activities such as Grand Theft Auto. Fine back in the days of the Attitude Era and the likes of Stone Cold this was acceptable but the WWE prides itself today on its PG rating but more importantly on its Be a Star campaign. The tagline of this campaign is to stand up to bullying yet here we have one of the champions (yes I know he no longer has the title) who is supposed to be a good guy doing everything that this campaign is against. All this shows is how hypocritical the WWE can be when they can’t even follow through on what they portray outside of wrestling, no wonder the wellness policy is a joke.

Trips: You know, I’ve seen a lot of comments in this same general vein, but I’m kind of torn because it fits his character. Sheamus is a hooligan; hell his t-shirt says he is. Does it fit in the current mold of non-bullying? No, not really, but it fits him. So does that make the WWE somewhat hypocritical? Yeah, I guess it does, but I don’t think it’s crossed the line yet. It’s a tough call, and even as I type this I’m going back and forth on my feelings towards Sheamus’ character. Ugh, damn you and your moral dilemmas.

So when zzzorf and I did this in the Columns Forum, our last section wasn’t necessarily “The Ugly”, but a section that related to a writer in the CF. We’ve decided to take that same path here on the Main Page, so in this section, we proudly present...

The Crow

What is “The Crow” you ask? Well, since The Crow is our resident TNA expert, this section belongs to the WWE Superstar we feel would benefit most from going to TNA. We don’t consider this a demotion by any means, but more in that our Superstar would actually be in a better place in TNA than their current position in the WWE. For me, that person is Jack Swagger.


Swagger is a talented wrestler, but a wrestler that has floundered around in the WWE for the better part of the past two years. While he is a former MITB winner, Swagger’s title reign probably goes down as one of the least important reigns of all time. He was the other half of the Ziggler/Swagger duo, and really hasn’t done a whole lot since asking for some time off several months ago. While is return is imminent, I just don’t see him being a major player anytime soon.

However, if Swagger went to TNA, he’d be in a position to work with another great amateur wrestling great, Kurt Angle. An Angle/Swagger tag-team, with Angle mentoring Jack for bigger and better things, could ultimately lead to a TNA Heavyweight Championship for Swags. They are a combination that I could see doing great things together, and with Angle’s numerous injuries over the years, he could pass the amateur baton to a younger Jack Swagger.

zzzorf: I get your point about Swagger and I believe he would thrive more in the TNA environment than he does in WWE but honestly I just don’t see him being anything more than a bit player. It may come from my bias as not being a fan of his but there just seems to be something lacking from the All-American American. I can’t quite put my finger on what but I know it is there.

The guy who I think would best benefit from a relocation to the Impact Zone would actually be someone who you yourself suggested only a few months back Trips. That guy would be none other than Randy Orton. In the world of WWE Orton has become an afterthought, at one time the number two wrestler in the company he is now no better than an upper midcarder.


He has been removed from the title picture for a long time and it looks like it could be just as long before he can make it back there again. The majority of his feuds feel like they are just something to keep himself and his opponent busy for now while the focus is placed on the main events. Wrestlemania is a prime example of this as it has been years now since he has been involved in one of the more major matches, instead he finds himself in minor feuds that include ones thrown together just because he and his opponent have had nothing to do.

A move to TNA would see him return to the top of the pecking order but also give him feuds that will have more meaning than what he has been doing of late where he is. Also though it will give his character, which has grown stagnant for years, a chance to be rejuvenated. It will be a fresh new start without his ego problems and wellness problems of his past overshadowing him.

Trips: You know, I remember writing that column, and part of me wanted to go with Orton in this section as well. Obviously I completely agree with you on what you have mentioned. I think a key factor though is one you briefly touched on, that Orton is damaged goods. He’s got two strikes on him from wellness violations, and the next one he gets means he’s gone for a year minimum. In TNA, he starts fresh with a clean slate. I’m not saying he go there and get completely wasted (Hi Jeff Hardy!), but it would put him in a different situation. But who knows, maybe that looming third strike is what’s keeping his nose clean. Only time will tell there.

So that about does it for the inaugural MP edition of The New Blood. zzzorf my brother from Down Under, do you have any last words for the readers?

zzzorf: Well to the readers I just want to say I hope you enjoyed the column and I will hope to see you all again for future editions of this series. As to the other members of the MP I just like to remind them that none of them are safe as the New Blood are here to take over.

Thanx for reading

Until next time,
New Blood Out!



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