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Posted in: Chair Shots
Chair Shots Wrestlemania Preview: Day 5 (Randy Orton vs. Batista vs. ??)
By Rob Simmons
Apr 4, 2014 - 9:28:30 AM

 photo ChairShots_zps40a9b317.png

Day Five

Well here we are dear readers, just a few short days away from the biggest event of the year. NOLA is buzzing with wrestling activity, and not just from the WWE. If you’re lucky enough to partake, you’ve got a ton of choices in front of you, from Wrestlecon to Ring of Honor to Dragon Gate and so much more. If you heard The Late Shift on LOP Radio Monday night, you know our friend Repo is there enjoying all the festivities and I have a close friend who is making his 6th Wrestlemania trip in a row. When he returns, I’ll be sporting a Mania shirt straight from the SuperDome. I’m excited for the card, disappointed I will miss the Pre-Show match, and envious of those that get to attend what I hope will be a WM for the ages in person. We’re down to one match, so let’s break it down.

Randy Orton vs. Batista vs. TripleH or Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

 photo ee24923c-ceb2-4281-8495-8469cdd4608a_zpsb2e50661.jpg

Not that very long ago, the WWE Universe was beside themselves at the thought of a Batista/Randy Orton Wrestlemania Main Event. Furious anger was flying about and people were hoping, praying, begging that the WWE did something to change what could have been a disaster of epic proportions. Now, one #OccupyRaw segment later, we have ourselves a Triple Threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but one that comes with a potential wrinkle.

As we already discussed earlier this week, everybody’s underdog Daniel Bryan has to get past Triple H earlier in the evening to secure his spot in the Main Event. At first, everybody was sure that D-Bry would get his shot at the gold once again, but as the weeks have progressed, some doubt has crept into the minds and hearts of the wrestling masses. Would the WWE, and Triple H DARE to take this away from us? Would they have the nerve to screw not only Daniel Bryan, but millions and millions of fans watching Worldwide? The fact that there is doubt in our minds means that the WWE is doing its job. While we’re PRETTY SURE Daniel Bryan will get his moment to shine, there’s still that little nagging thought in the backs of our brains that won’t let us rest easy until it actually happens.

You’ve already seen my prediction earlier in the week as to who gets in the match, but let’s talk a little bit about the match itself by breaking down all three of MY combatants.

Randy Orton- The current reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion has been much maligned through a lot of his career for not living up to the massive potential he has. Orton is not necessarily the most engaging performer with a microphone, and at times has been criticized for really not giving his all in the ring. For large chunks of time, Orton seems disinterested and somewhat bored with what he is doing. Those things have been brought into this storyline by The Authority, who have questioned their choosing Randy to be the face of the WWE.

Now I’ll give Randy some credit here. For the past month or so Orton has been putting forth some of the best work of his career. His match recently against Daniel Bryan on Raw was entertaining as hell. Orton seemed to be having fun, jawing with the fans and in general enjoying himself in the ring. He showed sparks of true personality and heelishness that at times are often missing from his character. I don’t really see Randy keeping the belt in this match, but I do hope he continues to perform at this level.

Batista- Talk about someone who has been maligned. Batista came back to the WWE with much fanfare and little interest. The fans have turned on The Animal like no other in recent years. Both the WWE and Batista himself can be blamed for that. Batista was brought back by Triple H and company with the thought that he would set the WWE Universe on fire. I believe they thought the fans would embrace the returning superstar with as much fervor as they did The Rock. That didn’t happen. It was the wrong place at the wrong time and in this instance the wrong person.

See Batista didn’t do himself any favors coming back very much out of shape. He staggered his way through the Royal Rumble, winning a match not many people thought he should have won, and continued to look completely gassed every time he got into the ring. Yes he’s in great physical shape, but his cardio conditioning appears to be severely lacking. However, this past Raw’s match against Orton, which WAS to be the WM Main Event, was better than I expected it to be. He looked much better in the ring and appeared to have his wind back. I do expect that he’ll sit out a lot of the Triple Threat Match by way of getting knocked out of the ring a couple of times and let Orton and Bryan do much of the work, but he might be on the way to getting himself back in tiptop shape.

Daniel Bryan- What can you say about D-Bry that we haven’t already said? He’s riding one of the biggest waves of fan support that I’ve ever seen in the WWE. The Yes Movement has transcended wrestling at this point, making its way into various sports arenas all over the United States. But how long can this support last? Will the WWE Universe continue to pop for Bryan AFTER he gets the title everybody wants him to have? I continue to hear Triple H’s voice in my head telling us all we’re a fickle bunch. I’ve already seen small pockets of dissention popping up about having enough Daniel Bryan. IF the WWE gives him the title Sunday, they have to book him smartly so the Universe doesn’t turn on him quickly.

My hope is that he DOES get his WM Moment and win the title Sunday, and 70K+ people in New Orleans all chant YES! simultaneously. It might one of the greatest moments in Wrestlemania history, but again I get that nagging feeling in the back of my head that something screwy is going to happen, if not on Sunday maybe Monday night on Raw. There needs to be a continuation of the storyline. If Bryan wins, The Authority isn’t just going to sit back and say “OK he won, I guess he beat us”. That’s not Stephanie and Hunter’s M.O. There will be more, and HOW they book this after WM is as important as what’s happened up to this point. I’m enjoying the ride so far, so let’s hope there aren’t any missteps after the fact.

What Should Happen- Daniel Bryan, battling against all odds, severely beaten from his match with Triple H overcomes adversity and wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship……….and then a returning CM Punk beats him down and stands over his broken body to end Wrestlemania.

What Will Happen- Now I don’t really believe that’s going to happen one bit. I know the rumours of Punk returning Sunday are running rampant, but I really don’t see it happening. I do believe Daniel Bryan will get his moment and WM ends with 70K happy screaming fans cheering his victory. Then the fun begins anew on Monday night.

So that’s it folks. I’m all done with the WM preview. I hope you ALL enjoy the show, I really do. It’s this time of year that makes us appreciate being wrestling fans. I’ve been at this a long time, and still being able to get excited for a card is a fantastic gift.

Thanks again for reading. Send me all your questions, comments, suggestions, death threats, and WM XXX merchandise to all the available outlets.

Until next time, enjoy Wrestlemania
Trip Out!

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Day Four

Welcome back readers. Hopefully you’re enjoying your Wrestlemania week and all the great discussions and rumours that surround it. Yesterday a little tidbit dropped that seemed “matter of fact”, but has sparked some pretty heavy debate. Paul Heyman let go in an interview that he has already signed a new Paul Heyman Guy. Of course speculation ran rampant as to who it is. Is it a returning RVD? Is it a returning CM Punk? Will whoever it is be Heyman’s next candidate to break the Undertaker’s streak (assuming it stays intact Sunday)? One of the far-fetched rumours that came through was that Heyman’s next wrestler would be Sting, thus building to a Sting/Taker match at WM XXXI. Please no, that’s all I’ve got to say. Whatever the case it certainly adds a new sense of intrigue to the Taker/Lesnar match on Sunday as well as what may happen on Raw Monday night. Seems like a perfect story to lead us into today’s match- The Beast vs. The Streak.

Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar

 photo f905f969-51d4-44ff-b81e-01db2e1d9c23_zps3a6369c2.jpg

It’s that time of the year isn’t it? Time for The Undertaker to take his battered body and put it through torture to give the WWE Universe a Wrestlemania moment. This year he may be taking more of a beating than usual, as he puts the Streak up against one of the most physical wrestlers in the WWE, Brock Lesnar. I have to say though, that the build for this match has been less than spectacular. There have been a few face-offs, a couple of physical altercations, but at the end of the day nothing has been done that makes me believe that Brock Lesnar is a legitimate threat to The Streak.

It was only this past Monday did Lesnar get the upper hand against Taker, and he needed a little diversion by Paul Heyman to get it. A few punches were landed, and one F-5 later, The Undertaker finally showed some signs of weakness. A story came out that it was Vince’s decision to not make the Undertaker look weak going into Wrestlemania. In fact, it seemed as though he didn’t want him touched at all. That does absolutely nothing to cast doubt on Taker’s ability to come out victorious. It does nothing to cement Lesnar as the biggest threat to the Streak ever. For a man that the WWE portrays as a brutal, cold, calculating Beast, Lesnar has been made to look more like a chump than anything. I honestly laughed two weeks ago when Lesnar stood in the ring kicking a casket. He looked ridiculous.

However, on Sunday I expect one of the more brutal matches that Taker has had to endure in recent years. While HBK, HHH, and Punk were all great opponents, none of them made me scared for Taker’s safety. Lesnar just doesn’t seem to have regard for his own safety, let alone his opponent’s. Someone mentioned to me though that if Lesnar respects anything about the business, besides the money, it’s probably The Undertaker. I’m hoping they both sat down and had a nice long talk about how this was going to play out, because if YOLO Lesnar shows up on Sunday, somebody is going to get hurt.

At the end of the day though, Lesnar DOES NOT end Taker’s streak at Wrestlemania. In fact, I can see Heyman’s obsession with the Streak continuing with his next “Guy” being pushed to end it. Hey IWC, let me ask you a question. Would you lose your shit if the next Paul Heyman guy was John Cena?

What Should (and Will) Happen- The Undertaker continues to be undefeated at WM, but gets the living Hell beat out of him. Heyman introduces his new Paul Heyman Guy either at WM or at Raw to set up a match for WM XXXI

One match to go. Please join me again tomorrow as we look at the Main Event. Please hit me up with your questions, comments, suggestions, death threats, or scratch off lottery tickets at all the available outlets, and as usual thanks for reading.

Until next time,
Rob Out!

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Day Three

We’re halfway through our look at Wrestlemania XXX today, as we start getting into the higher profile matches on the card. Before we get into those though, I wanted to talk a little bit about a story that came out concerning Randy Savage and the WWE Hall of Fame. It appears there are still some very bad feelings being harboured by Lanny Poffo against Vince and the WWE. Lanny still seems to hold a lot of resentment towards the WWE about the way they acted when his father died, as well as the way the WWE treated Randy during his time there. However, it seems he has conceded a little on only allowing Randy in the Hall of Fame if the entire family went in. He said if the WWE wants to induct just Randy that’s fine, but he nor his mother will be there for it. Now I don’t know about you, but in my eyes only Randy DESERVES to be in the WWE Hall of Fame. I hope Lanny Poffo can get past his need to be recognized, as his accomplishments in the sport don’t warrant an induction. It’s time to get Randy in there though, and while we’re at it induct Miss Elizabeth right alongside him. Now, let’s get back to business.

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

 photo 7cbef1bf-1369-4237-b31b-dc80ea7e26fc_zps21f71a85.jpg

This is a match that has torn people right down the middle on whether or not Bray Wyatt should go over John Cena at Wrestlemania. There has been some heated discussions not only among fans, but also among my fellow LOP columnists. Some feel as though Bray Wyatt is not READY to get the big win over John Cena. What has he done to deserve not only beating Cena, but just in 2013 alone beating Daniel Bryan, and The Shield with his fellow Wyatt Family members? It’s no secret that the WWE is very high on the former Husky Harris. He’s an agile big man, with innovative offense, who comes from great lineage. There is a ton of upside to Bray and The Wyatt Family. But the question remains, should he get the win over John Cena at Wrestlemania?

The answer is not as simple as Yes or No. I believe that Bray Wyatt can come out of WM without a win, and still look fantastic in the eyes of the WWE and its respective Universe. John Cena has a way of making people look good, if you put in the work with him to earn that. Cena did that with Punk, Bryan, and to some extent Damien Sandow. After his match with Cena, most people said that was the best Sandow had EVER looked. That is what John Cena can do for a wrestler. So it isn’t 100% necessary that Bray Wyatt gets a pinfall over John Cena. In fact, I highly doubt that this feud will end at Wrestlemania. With Extreme Rules on the horizon, it’s quite possible that Bray and Cena go at it in a No DQ match, or a Last Man Standing match; something on that level anyway. However I don’t think I’d be surprised if Bray DOES win at Wrestlemania. Say what you will about Cena, he’s always been willing to put someone over for the betterment of the WWE. If the WWE wants Bray Wyatt to be a Main Event player, this could very well be the launching pad to get him there, but as I said it’s NOT necessary.

I think that this match has the potential to be a show stealer. Wyatt has already had two fantastic PPV matches this year and John Cena always has the potential to put on a MOTY candidate at any time. Given the right amount of time, say 20 minutes or so, Cena and Wyatt can tell a story that keeps the audience in the SuperDome on the edge of their seats. I expect a lot of near falls and frantic action in this one, and some damn good wrestling on top of that. What I like about this match, and much of the WM card, is that for a change I’m not sure how this will come out. That’s refreshing isn’t it? So once again, I’m flipping a coin.

What Should Happen- John Cena takes the beating of a lifetime, but stages a comeback. As he’s about to get the pinfall, Harper and Rowan drag Nikki Bella from the back, distracting Cena and allowing Bray Wyatt to steal a victory thus continuing the feud.

What Will Happen- Flipping a coin again here, but I think the WWE has enough faith in Bray Wyatt to put him over against Cena. Through some sort of distraction or outside interference, Wyatt gets the pin with the Sister Abigail, but the feud will continue. But man, I’ve got no clue on this one. I love that!

Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H

 photo 963556a0-748b-497c-be0f-320785ab91ab_zpsb088557d.jpg

Let me let you in on a little secret. As the week has progressed, and I continue to preview these matches I get more and more excited for Wrestlemania. Have you gotten there yet? I’ve been watching wrestling a LONG time, and the fact that I can continue to get this excited about a card means somebody is doing their job. And two of the people doing their jobs to the best of their abilities right now are Triple H and Daniel Bryan.

Whether you love him or hate him, Triple H is without a doubt one of the best there is at what he does. I personally have always been a Triple H fan, and for the longest time he was my favorite current wrestler. But what he and Stephanie are currently doing with The Authority storyline is masterful. They’ve taken the pulse of the WWE Universe, and the IWC as a whole and put it through the meat grinder. The term “Reality Era” is starting to take hold in terms of what is going on right now in the WWE, and there’s a solid foundation for that being accurate. Triple H has become a master of trolling the WWE Universe to the point of basically throwing back everything we say in our faces. This past Monday Night, they unleashed what will surely become a classic video package, “The Triple H Burial” video. For years we have discussed the numerous superstars that Trips has, in the IWC’s eyes, held back. This video basically shoved that right back in our collective mouths and put a big “FU” on it. It was fantastic!

But without a foil, Triple H is just another power mad Authority figure. And that’s where the ultimate underdog comes in- Daniel Bryan. For a man that just a few short years ago was criticized for having no personality, D-Bry has become the poster child of the IWC. The Yes Movement has taken hold and fans are clamoring for Bryan to get his Wrestlemania moment. But as Triple H and Steph reminded us on Monday, we’re a fickle bunch, and there is a portion of the IWC that may already be turning against Daniel Bryan. How long can the Yes Movement last? Well that’s going to depend on the way the events at Wrestlemania transpire. In order to get to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Daniel has to go through Triple H first. Out of all the matches on the card, this is the one that MOST people feel they know the outcome to, and that’s Daniel Bryan winning. I felt that way as well, until Triple H inserted HIMSELF into the title picture. Would he be so brazen as to defecate all over the WWE Universe at the biggest event of the year? Triple H the character might, but I don’t for one minute think Triple H the businessman would. So that’s why Daniel Bryan comes out of this with a victory. Will he take a beating? Hell yes he will and it might be so bad that his status for the Triple Threat could be in question. But again, the fans should be in for a hell of a match.

What Should Happen- Daniel Bryan will be pummeled within an inch of his life, or perhaps take a sledgehammer to the skull, but still come out of the match with a victory. As the Main Event looms, Triple H announces he is too injured to compete and puts himself in the match. Prior to the match starting, a battered Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring, and against all odds wins the WWE Title (but more on that Friday).

What Will Happen- A lot of what I wrote above probably WILL happen. I expect Daniel Bryan to take quite a beating, but he will surely give one in return. Triple H the businessman will do the right thing and put Daniel Bryan over. A victory puts him where the Yes Movement wants him, with another match later in the evening.

So that’s it for today. Tomorrow we look at The Streak vs. The Beast and then Friday we wrap it up with The Main Event of WM. I hope you’re all enjoying this preview, and are ready for what looks to be a great card.

Hit me up with your questions, comments, suggestions, death threats, and videos of cats doing funny things at all the available outlets, and as usual thanks so much for reading.

Until next time,
Rob Out!

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Day Two

Welcome back readers to the second day of our week long look at Wrestlemania. Last night we had our “Go Home” edition of Monday Night Raw from Washington D.C. It was a solid evening that saw us learn quite a few things. The 14-Diva Invitational is going to be a One Fall match with 14 women in the ring at the same time. Good lord, that’s got disaster written all over it. We learned that Triple H may be the greatest Troll in the history of Trolling with the “Triple H Burial” video package. We learned that Undertaker dipped into Christian’s spray tan supply. We learned that there isn’t anything more surreal than a “Sheep Off” in the middle of the squared circle. We learned that Corporate Kane is quickly turning into Bull Shannon from Night Court. Did Raw get you more excited for Wrestlemania? Hopefully it did, because I felt they really did their job last night in the last big event prior to Sunday. Let’s take a look at two more matches on the card today, one featuring 30 superstars.

The Andre the Giant Invitational Battle Royal

 photo 95413dca-e935-437d-8ad3-8ed32f997487_zpsf1e6271c.jpg

30 men enter, one man will emerge with the FIRST EVER Andre the Giant statue. As of right now, only 27 men have been announced, with the addition Monday of Raw GM Brad Maddox. Now word has come out that the WWE has put out feelers to any and all of the classic wrestlers still living to possibly make an appearance at WM XXX. Those three spots could potentially be surprise entrants, and I really don’t think we’ll know who they are until this upcoming Sunday. My feeling is that we will see the return of Rob Van Dam as one of those spots for sure. Will The Warrior step back in the ring? Will Cesaro find a way into the Battle Royal? Whatever the case, this match certainly has a bit of mystery surrounding it as there are quite a few Superstars that walk out with the victory here. One man that almost certainly has ZERO chance of winning is The Big Show, as he’s been promoted so heavily as being the odds on favorite to win.

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t have a clue who is going to come out of this one victorious, especially with the mystery x-factor of three names that haven’t been announced. So my pick here will be a complete and utter guess. I will say this though, I hope that this does become a Wrestlemania tradition, as has been rumoured. It is a great way to honor Andre the Giant, and does allow WWE stars to get a spot on the Wrestlemania card.

What Should Happen- My hope is that Cesaro makes his way into the Battle Royal and steals the entire match. A Cesaro Swing to The Big Show may be the single greatest thing ever, so I’m hoping for that.

What Will Happen- Madness! Chaos! Mayhem! All of those things are pretty much guaranteed. What’s also guaranteed is JTG still not working a match, even though just about EVERYBODY else on the roster is in it. This one won’t be pretty, but it should be entertaining.

The Shield vs. Corporate Kane and The New Age Outlaws

 photo fcc25571-a69b-44f2-b4e5-ef643a0996a8_zpsa15ad469.jpg

Believe in The Shield! I almost feel like ending this section with that, but there’s quite a bit more to talk about here. For months and months, the WWE has teased the breakup of The Shield. It’s a storyline that’s been discussed quite heavily among the WWE Universe. If you know me, you know that I don’t want The Shield to break up. I know MOST people don’t want The Shield to break up. But quite honestly, the WWE can’t help themselves. It’s going to happen, but not before Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose get another Wrestlemania moment as arguably one of the best groups in wrestling history. Think about that for a moment. In only a couple of years, The Shield stands in the same class as The Freebirds, Evolution, etc. That’s a great compliment to three guys that have busted their asses since they debuted.

On the flip side, Bull Shannon and the cast of Night Court form a somewhat unlikely trio to compete against The Hounds of Justice. Corporate Kane has been in the Authority doghouse more often than not, but he gets some backup with Triple H’s DX cronies The NAO. From what I’ve heard, it was The Outlaws that requested to work with The Shield, which again is a huge testament to what they have accomplished. I don’t expect a mat classic in this one, and we may see some more tension in The Shield, but it should be entertaining. You know, come to think about it, pretty much every match on this card should be entertaining, and I give a huge pat on the back to the WWE for working hard to make this a card people won’t forget. As we discussed on LOP Radio last night (cheap plug), Roman Reigns has the looks and charisma to be a big deal in the WWE for quite a long time, but when it comes to singles wrestling, he’s got a ways to go. In fact, there is a huge upside to all three of those men. I may sound like I’m fawning over The Shield, but they deserve every bit of praise they are given.

What Should (and Will) Happen- The Hounds of Justice come out victorious. Will tension be teased? Quite possibly yes, but let’s enjoy The Shield ride for as long as we can.

That wraps it up for Day Two of our WM preview. What do you think readers? Are you excited yet? If not, why the hell not? Hit me up with your questions, comments, death threats, suggestions, and maps to the stars homes at all the usual outlets.

Until next time,
Rob Out!

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Day One

Well it’s Wrestlemania week dear readers, and I for one have been incredibly excited for this upcoming Sunday for quite some time. I was looking back at last year’s week-long preview and came across a comment by The Doc stating that it was nice to see someone talking about Wrestlemania. If you think back to last year, there really wasn’t a whole lot to talk about, or to get people all that excited about. CM Punk and the Undertaker were going at it, and Punk’s desecrating Taker’s urn was probably the most talked about thing going into WM, but this year is completely different. We’ve got Daniel Bryan’s quest for the gold, Taker/Lesnar, Wyatt/Cena, the Andre Battle Royal and so much more.

One thing though that really jumped out at me is the sheer number of wrestlers that are on the card this year. As of right now, there are 66 different active wrestlers who will be competing at Wrestlemania; 44 in just two matches alone. It’s a little crazy. I know Mania is the biggest payday of the year for the roster, but is there such a thing as too much? Do people like Rosa Mendes or Justin Gabriel, people we’ve rarely seen all year, deserve a spot at the biggest event of the year? One thing is pretty certain though, and that’s JTG is still employed, and will NOT be at Wrestlemania. So over the course of the week, I’m going to break down the card, 8 matches as it stands now, and take a look at what may happen come Sunday. Let’s get to it!

The Usos vs Rybaxel vs Los Matadores vs The Real Americans for the WWE Tag Team Titles (Pre-Show)

 photo fb304708-2a91-4a96-b03b-c0c335077bb9_zps4c3b8484.jpg

First off, this just got moved to the Pre-Show, so what a waste of having the Usos and Cesaro not even on the official WM card. They've worked too hard for that, especially considering this will be exclusive to the WWE Network, and those without it will be unable to see this match. No YouTube, no WWE.com, just the Network.

This is a case of trying to get too many wrestlers on the card that have no place in the match they are in. If I had it my way, I’d have thrown Rybaxel and Los Matadores in the Andre Battle Royal and replaced them with only one team, Goldust and Cody Rhodes. Rybaxel lose more matches than they win, and Los Matadores have done next to nothing since entering the WWE. Not only that, nobody really cares about them one way or the other. A Fatal Four Way for the Tag Titles seems messy and could turn into a spotfest for sure. On the flip side, it is good to see that there ARE four teams that can compete for the tag titles.

I don’t see the titles changing hands here, as the Usos have worked way too hard over the last twelve months to have the belts taken from them already. In fact, the story will probably center more on the continued combustion of The Real Americans than the actual tag titles themselves. Cesaro is primed to be a breakout star of 2014, and the continued collaboration with Jack Swagger is only holding him back at this point. Swagger is unfortunately at a crossroads in his career it seems, as the Main Event push he had was too much too soon, and he has not been able to regain any of the momentum he had upon his arrival in the WWE. I think Swagger’s a fine wrestler, but Cesaro’s day has come and it’s time for the WWE to take a swing at it.

What Will (and Should) Happen- The Uso retain, and The Real Americans either break-up or get damn close. Rybaxel and Los Matadores will be an afterthought in the match.

Vickie Guerrero 14-Diva Invitational for the Divas Title

 photo 63f2c169-0606-40c3-8a87-95a49f55e4f4_zpsb52e99ef.jpg

You know, it says how much the WWE cares about the Divas division, when a week prior to Wrestlemania we still don’t really know what type of match this is. Is it a Battle Royal? Probably not, we already have one of those. Is it a Gauntlet Match? Doubtful as it has been advertised as a one-fall match. So what can it be other than a 14-Diva cluster**** where all of them are in the ring at the same time? This goes back to my earlier point of there really being a need to get so many people on the card. What should have happened is the WWE should have pulled the trigger sooner on the AJ/Tamina split, and we should have had a one on one match for the Divas title. Of course neither of them are on Total Divas on E!, so that would have never happened. We have to continue to push the stupid reality show right? I mean that’s way more important than making the Divas division credible again with actual wrestling. Ugh, quite honestly I could care less about this one, but we’ll probably find out more on Raw tonight.

What Should Happen- AJ destroys all the worthless Divas with a bazooka and using their remaining body parts to form an E! in the center of the ring. Talk about a pipe bomb!

What Will Happen- Somehow throughout this mess, Tamina sneaks away with the Divas Title, starting the feud that should have happened a while ago with her boss AJ Lee.

Well that’s it for today. Come back tomorrow for two more matches, and some tidbits from Monday Night Raw. If you’re not doing anything this evening, check out LOP Radio immediately following Raw for The Late Shift, as I guest host for Steve. My co-host this evening will be Repo, as he prepares for his WM Live Experience. Click the link below for more details!


As usual, thanks for reading. Hit me up with your comments, questions, suggestions, death threats, and pictures of animals in sweaters at all the usual outlets.

Until tomorrow,
Rob Out!

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