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Posted in: Chair Shots
Chair Shots: Why I Love Wrestling- SummerSlam 2013
By TripleR
Aug 19, 2013 - 10:58:47 AM

 photo ChairShots_zps40a9b317.png

Welcome back faithful readers to the column that stands in awe of the event that was SummerSlam 2013. Now there are already plenty of great reviews of the show up here at LordsofPain.net by many of my esteemed colleagues, so I’m not going to go through the card match by match, but I DID want to write something, because after watching the PPV last night, I was left with a renewed sense of why I’ve been watching professional wrestling for 35 years.

We’ve all been jaded by professional wrestling at one time or another. As fans of the internet age, we are privy to news that just didn’t exist when I started watching. For me, at times it takes away the fun from everything, but here I am, a columnist at LoP actively participating in the thing that has hurt my love of the sport at times. Let’s face it, if you have a computer, and you’re a wrestling fan, it’s tough not to read reports, or spoilers, or opinions that may sway how you feel about a wrestler or an event. Sometimes having a differing opinion is a hard road to take, and is often met with scrutiny. Just ask our own Super Chrisss. He was constantly harassed for being a fan of Zack Ryder, sometimes jokingly, other times serious. I’m sure that there are plenty of people who have liked wrestlers that they would probably not want to admit too. I mean even JTG has a few fans somewhere right?

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that sometimes we forget why we love professional wrestling so much. Last night, the WWE put all my questions and doubts aside as to why I’ve stuck with it for so long. SummerSlam 2013 delivered like no other PPV has delivered in recent memory. Yes, there have been some really good PPV’s this year, but this event had two Match of the Year candidates on it, and some solid matches surrounding them. I was more than once on my feet, and while I WAS tweeting during the event, I wasn’t making the usual jokes that often come with a WWE presentation.

The crowd in L.A. was on fire for pretty much the entire event. What’s interesting is that the LoP All-Stars got together on Fact or Fiction, and most said that SummerSlam needs to move to a different arena and NOT stay in L.A. every year. Well the L.A. crowd last night basically told us all to suck it, because they were invested almost the entire evening. Sure there were lulls, but to keep up that kind of pace for three hours is pretty damn tough. When something wasn’t working, they let you know. And when something was working, like a lot of the card, they were on their feet, cheering, applauding, and marking out at every opportunity. Had that crowd not been as good as it was last night, even Lesnar/Punk might have been taken down a peg, despite being one of the best matches of the year. So kudos to the L.A. crowd last night for getting it right, and adding to the excitement of a remarkable event.

There were a few missteps on the card, but none that remarkably hurt the event. The Ring of Fire match was a bit awkward and did nothing for the Wyatt family. I think it hurt Bray to wrestle his first match under a crazy stipulation, and to have the almost Sin Cara like lighting didn’t help either. Bray is a talented wrestler, and hopefully he’ll bounce back from this. But despite that, I DID enjoy the match. It was something different, and while it didn’t click 100%, it did have some really nice visuals, and set the stage for a Kane return once he’s done his movie.

I do have to give props to almost the entire roster last night who wrestled in a match. There seemed to be an extra gear that each one of them went into, and I’m going to attribute that to the hot match that Rhodes and Sandow had. Coming after the Ring of Fire match, this encounter could have gone down as a completely forgettable encounter, but both men brought their A-Game and delivered a solid mid-card match that didn’t need any bells and whistles surrounding it. I think that’s one thing that the WWE has forgotten sometimes, is that they have very talented in-ring performers. Last night, they let them wrestle, and the matches spoke for themselves. So kudos to the wrestlers who came to show the world what they can do.

And what can you say about the brutality that was CM Punk and Brock Lesnar? I’ve been very critical of Brock Lesnar and the way his return has been handled in the past. If you read me regularly, you know that I wrote an entire column about it, but last night Brock Lesnar made me believe. One of the main knocks on Lesnar is his commitment to the WWE, and whether he really cares about the business of professional wrestling. He may or he may not, but last night, Brock Lesnar CARED about that match. CM Punk CARED about that match. They delivered a 5-Star classic that will go down as one of THE BEST SummerSlam matches of all time. On more than one occasion, this match got me off my chair and on my feet yelling at the screen. I don’t remember the last time I did that. I was yelling for Lesnar to tap. I was yelling for Punk to kick out. I was 100% invested in the story that was being told in the ring. When it was all said and done, I felt as exhausted as the two men who just battled looked. Reports say that both Lesnar and Punk received standing ovations backstage after the match. No doubt in my mind that they were well deserved. So kudos to Brock and Punk for setting a new bar for No DQ excellence.

I did feel bad for Ziggler and the mixed tag team match crew. There was no way that anybody was going to be able to get up for that match considering what they had just seen prior. But to their credit, Ziggler, Langston, AJ and Kaitlyn gave their all for the time they were allotted. I’m impressed with Langston’s progress in the ring, and Kaitlyn and AJ work as well together as any two Divas in recent history. Hopefully now, Ziggler will get back in the WHC title picture and have a proper place on the card. So kudos to four wrestlers who got stuck with the bathroom break match for showing up instead of just phoning in a match not many people cared about.

Daniel Bryan and John Cena- the match that everyone and their mother were waiting for. There was no way that this WASN’T going to be great. As much as many people hate John Cena, the man delivers when he needs to. This was an outstanding encounter that once again had me on my feet at numerous times throughout the match. It’s crazy, I can’t even remember the last time I was out of my chair watching a WWE PPV at home, and it happened during two different matches. The intensity that Daniel Bryan brings each and every time he’s in the ring is unparalleled. He is a man that loves what he does, and the fans love him for that.

A lot was made about Triple H refereeing this encounter, and while it was going on, I tweeted that the best thing I could say about it was that I didn’t notice Triple H even being there. I seriously at times forgot he was the referee. They let Cena and Bryan slug it out for a half hour, and then and only then did Triple H make people remember he was in the ring. That really is a testament at how good he is at what he does. A lot of guest referees make themselves known too much in the ring. Shawn Michaels leaps across the ring to make a count; Miz prances about the ring, etc. But Triple H just refereed, and in doing that he was laying the foundation for the story that he, Orton, and Bryan were about to tell. Was I happy with what happened? You want the honest answer to that? I don’t know. I didn’t know last night, and I don’t know now. I’m going to let it play out and see. If at the end of it all, Daniel Bryan ends up with the WWE Championship after a long chase, then I’ll be happy. If that was it, then I won’t, but I seriously doubt that’s going to happen. So kudos to the entire storytelling of the Main Event.

SummerSlam 2013 made me feel good to be a WWE fan again. It made me feel good to be a WRESTLING FAN again. Let’s hope they can keep that momentum going.

Until next time,
Trip Out!

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