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Posted in: Chair Shots
Chair Shots: We Held a PPV and Nothing Happened!
By TripleR
Nov 12, 2012 - 9:28:56 AM


Welcome back everybody to the column that made it through Week 10 of the NFL without a concussion- Chair Shots! Last night was TNA’s Turning Point PPV, and I spent the better part of Sunday trying to figure out if I should watch it or not. For those of you that read me regularly, you know that I’ve been very high on TNA lately. They’re doing a lot of things right, and the quality of wrestling on their PPV’s has been first and foremost at the top of the list. However, there was something about last night’s PPV that I couldn’t get excited about and I just couldn’t put my finger on it. But I gave them the benefit of the doubt, and I sat down and watched Turning Point with an open mind. I’ve got to say, that for the first time in several months, I felt as though TNA took a few steps backwards. While there was nothing incredibly wrong with the PPV, there also wasn’t anything incredibly right about it either. My biggest complaint would have to be that at the end of the day, none of the matches held last night had any significant impact on the scope of TNA whatsoever. In fact, looking back, not much really happened. When you go to watch a PPV, the last two words you want to say at the end of three hours is….


Last night seemed more like three hours of ego stroking than anything else. Let’s start at the top of the show. Magnus vs. Samoa Joe in a No DQ match was actually a pretty decent match-up. These two work very well together, but Magnus really needed the win coming out of this match. He needed it last month, so he surely needed it this month. Samoa Joe is an established name. Sure TNA has dropped the ball with him on numerous occasions, but putting over Magnus would have done wonders for a man that has a huge upside. Instead, he passes out in the Kokina Clutch, which looks to put an end to their feud. I’m not sure where Magnus goes from here, but he needed that win more than Joe did.

Next up we saw the tag match featuring Jesse & Tara vs. ODB & Eric Young. TNA has spent several weeks building up Tara & Jesse as a dominant power couple, while at the same time solidifying ODB as a legitimate threat to Tara’s Knockouts title. So how surprised was I when EY, who from all reports is leaving the company, gets the pin on Jesse Godderz. This was more than likely TNA’s way of thanking Eric Young, and giving him a victory before they show him the door, but in the process they made Jesse look weak, being pinned by a guy that hasn’t wrestled in months.

The X-Division Title was defended next, and I was really intrigued to see Joey Ryan vs. RVD. I was telling Zzzorf during the show that for all the titles and all the things RVD has done, I have a hard time remembering anything of importance. He had a great series in ECW with Jerry Lynn, but for me RVD has always been an afterthought. So I was really hoping that TNA would again give a rub to an up and coming star that they’ve spent a good amount of time hyping during Gut Check and its aftermath. Alas, again I was disappointed as RVD not only wins, but he wins pretty handily. Joey Ryan held his own, but the booking was clearly intended to make RVD look strong. Yes, Matt Morgan kicked RVD’s head off after the match, but an RVD/Matt Morgan feud doesn’t interest me in the least, and having Morgan win the X-Division title makes zero sense.

The outcomes of the next two matches didn’t surprise me, but again everything seemed to be going about half speed as DOC beat Joseph Park and Chavo and Hernandez retained their tag team titles against Kaz and Daniels. I don’t know why, but everything seemed to be going in slow motion tonight. DOC wasn’t made to look particularly strong against a man we are to believe is an attorney, so no favors were done there. I like Joseph Park as a character, but I still want to see some pay-off in his search for Abyss. Tenay mentioned it again last night that Joseph Park came looking for his brother. So why did he stop looking? Where is Abyss? Does Joseph Park have a split personality? Inquiring minds want to know.

With three matches to go, I was in a mild state of blah, so I was hoping that Storm/Roode/AJ would liven things up a little bit. These are three of TNA’s top guys, so surely this one would be good right? Well, it was, but it wasn’t much more than that. The ending came from a mile away, and again it didn’t really matter to me that AJ doesn’t have a title shot for another year, because it’s been almost a year since he’s been in the title hunt anyway. AJ’s last PPV World Title match was in December 2011. Why wasn’t anybody making a big deal out of AJ not having a title shot until now? Basically, the outcome of the match just maintained the current status quo.

Kurt Angle vs. Devon had some real intrigue behind it, because of how strong the Aces & Eights have been made to look so far. Currently running all over TNA’s top stars, Aces & Eights should be considered by all of TNA as dangerous. No single man has been able to handle a challenge, as there are always multiple gang members jumping the TNA elite. Last night however, Kurt Angle made Devon cleanly tap out to the ankle lock. So Aces & Eights comes out looking a little weaker, as for some reason they were incredibly late getting to the ring, and Angle scampers away without any damage. To further that story along, Devon should have picked up the victory, or at the least a beat down was warranted. Instead, Kurt’s shiny bald head grew two sizes that day.

One match left, and it was the Ladder Match between Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy. On this past week’s Impact, when the double belt holder was revealed, I immediately thought we were going to have a draw, with both men coming off the ladder with a championship belt. It would have continued a pretty good feud, thus guaranteeing us another match for the disputed World Title, with both men having a belt in their possession. Such a big deal was made of Aries taking the one title that it almost seemed like a no-brainer to go that route. Instead, the human train wreck came down with both belts, without Aries even being in the ring due to a Twist of Fate from the top of the ladder. Hardy retains, and as was the case most of the evening, not much happened.

There was a lot of potential to kick-start a lot of things last night- a Magnus push, the emergence of Joey Ryan as a legitimate player, and intrigue surrounding the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, but instead TNA went the safe route. Because of that, Turning Point turned out to be, at least for me, the first underwhelming PPV in the past six months. I hope this is just a blip on the radar, because a lot of good things are happening in TNA now, but Turning Point wasn’t one of them.

Until next time,
Trip Out!

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