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Posted in: Chair Shots
Chair Shots: The Tribe Has Spoken!
By TripleR
Oct 19, 2012 - 2:13:17 PM


Welcome back everybody to another edition of Chair Shots! Once again, a big thanks to everybody that has been reading me up here on the main page and leaving me comments. So you’ve all learned a little bit about me so far, but another thing is that I’m a fan of Reality TV competition shows. I’ve watched Survivor since the start, and one of the most interesting aspects of the show is the fact that if a tribe loses a challenge, they basically get to tell somebody they suck and vote them out of your tribe. A lot of it comes down to alliances, but there is also the deciding factor of who is dead weight on your tribe. It got me thinking about the numerous superstars currently on the WWE roster that are sitting around not doing much of anything.

There has been a lot of talk recently about when the WWE is going to pull the trigger on a Dean Ambrose debut. Well there is really only so much room on the roster, and adding more people just isn’t always possible. But could those spots be better utilized by some of the up and coming stars of NxT to make a real mark in the WWE. The WWE needs to start finding the next big superstar, and there are several possibilities currently waiting in the wings for their shot at the top level of their profession. Along with Dean Ambrose, any one of the following guys is ready to join the main roster and make an impression with the WWE Universe.

• Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper
• Bo Dallas
• Kassius Ohno
• Seth Rollins
• Richie Steamboat

But in order to make room for them, some people have to go. Taking a look at the current roster, I’ve come up with several names that we could vote off the island- the “dead weight” if you will.

Evan Bourne- Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Air Bourne, but he’s been sidelined way too long at this point. Even if he were to come back at peak performance, I’m not really sure where he fits in the current WWE Universe. He has limited promo ability, and towards the end of his most current run he was just taking a beating from bigger wrestlers. I believe that the WWE has lost faith in Evan Bourne, and I see a parting of ways in the near future.

Mason Ryan- At one time, the WWE had a lot of faith that Mason Ryan would be the next coming of Batista, however his in-ring skill was dangerous at best, and he just wasn’t getting over with the crowd. He bounced from face to heel and back again until just disappearing entirely from TV. He’s currently healing from some injuries, but just like Evan Bourne I don’t really see a place for him on the current roster with his limited ability.

Camacho (not Hunico)- I almost feel bad for Camacho in a way. We’ve never really gotten a chance to see what he can do in the ring. The poor guy was saddled with riding a low-rider bicycle to the ring while watching Hunico lose for the 147th time to Sin Cara. He may have skills, he may not, but the WWE Universe hasn’t really gotten a chance to determine that, and creative doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to show us if he has anything. However, Hunico has some skills, but is in desperate need of a repackage. The “angry Hispanic gang member” gimmick is played out. We’ve seen it in TNA, we’ve seen it before in the WWE, and it just comes off as generic. I would put him back under a mask and put him together with Rey and Sin Cara. Rey has limited time left, and keeping Sin Cara in a tag team will improve the chances of a cleaner match.

JTG/Curt Hawkins/Alex Riley- I’ve lumped these three together, because basically they’ve just become jobbers to the stars. While I firmly believe that there is a place for jobbers in wrestling, using ones like the guys that Ryback was originally beating makes more sense than a full roster spot for someone that consistently loses in 2 minutes. Hire some local wrestlers for single appearances and use that roster spot for someone that is going to make a difference. I don’t see an upside to any of these three whatsoever.

Ezekiel Jackson- Talk about a disappointment! At one time the WWE was really looking to push Zeke as the next big thing. He had an underwhelming run as the Intercontinental Champion, and eventually went on a losing streak to the likes of Jinder Mahal, David Otunga, and Drew McIntyre. With the personality of a rock, and the in-ring skills to match, it’s time to cut the big man loose.

Jack Swagger- Swagger is my first somewhat big name in this list, and he isn’t my last. Swagger was another victim of a wrestler who was pushed too big, too fast. He has one of the least memorable World Heavyweight Championship reigns possibly of all time. There’s no denying there’s some in-ring talent to Swagger, but he always seems to be missing something in his matches. While his tag-team with Dolph Ziggler was mildly entertaining, it probably hurt Ziggler’s progression more than helped it. Swagger’s been off TV recently to “take some time off” after a pretty severe losing streak.

Almost all of the Divas Division- There’s certainly a place in the WWE for women’s wrestling, but the current division is suffering from the hiring of fashion models and spokeswomen who had no knowledge of the wrestling industry as a whole. Thankfully, one of the worst offenders in the division recently left the WWE in Kelly Kelly. But there are so many more that could be let go, and legitimate female wrestlers signed. I’d get rid of Alicia Fox, Aksana, Kaitlyn, and Layla. Rosa Mendes is fine where she is, outside of the ring with Primo and Epico, and as long as she doesn’t step foot in the ring I’m OK with that. Antonio Cesaro doesn’t need Aksana with him. She’s probably doing more harm than good and should probably go back to looking for Moose and Squirrel. Hopefully once Sara Del Ray starts doing what the WWE hired her to do, we’ll see an upswing in in-ring talent as opposed to bubble-headed bimbos that can’t run the ropes.

Christian- I’ll wait while you throw things at the computer. OK, all done? Good, let me explain. Christian is an incredible wrestling talent. In fact, he’s possibly one of my favorite tag-team wrestlers of all time. However, as a singles competitor, Christian always seemed out of place in the World Title picture. His short title reigns showed that he wasn’t exactly the ratings draw that the WWE would have liked. His character became a bit of a whiner, constantly begging for “one more match”. He’s another superstar who is currently nursing some injuries, but for me Christian’s value to the WWE is limited. He could best be served as a road agent, or a trainer for some of the younger wrestlers, but I don’t see him doing much more as an in-ring talent.

Big Show- Dear Lord, I’ve been a good little Trip. I’ve said my prayers (sometimes). I’ve eaten my vitamins (do Gummi Bears count?). Can you, in all your greatness, please take the Big Show off of my TV screen? I promise I will no longer drink (as much), or covet my neighbor’s wife (cause she’s old). Big Show has changed from heel to face more times than I can count, and let’s be honest, isn’t making much of an impact either way. Now we have to see him take on Sheamus at Hell in a Cell for the World Heavyweight Championship, in a match that he really didn’t do anything to earn besides come back and punch somebody in the face. I’m done with The Big Show, please take him away. Amen!

So there you have it good readers, the people that I would vote off the WWE island. If you had your way, what superstars would you remove? I’ve got one last request for you. Please click the below link and vote for my tattoo in the DC101 Best Ink contest. You can vote once a day and all you need to do is register your e-mail address. I’d greatly appreciate it.

DC 101 Best Ink Contest

Until next time,
Trip Out!

Hit me up with your questions, comments, suggestions or death threats at the links below, or just leave me a comment after the column. You can click my name in the header and e-mail me as well. I love to hear from the readers!

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