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Posted in: Chair Shots
Chair Shots: The Royal Rumble "Why It's Good, Why It's Bad" Review
By TripleR
Jan 28, 2013 - 11:09:39 AM

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Welcome back everybody to Chair Shots. Last night, the WWE held their 26th Annual Royal Rumble event, and overall I’ve got to say I was pleased with what I saw. The show was devoid of filler matches, and the overall quality of the PPV was quite good. So I’m going to do something a little different with this review, as I break down the night. Hopefully you enjoy this format, and if so we’ll continue it for future events. So enough jibber-jabber, let’s get to it.

Antonio Cesaro defeats The Miz on the Pre-Show

Why it’s Good- Cesaro is in full-on Beast Mode. I continue to be impressed with his in-ring style and incredible strength. While not the best on the microphone, Cesaro is slowing getting the heel heat he needs to establish himself as a future Main Eventer. I’m still not a fan of the Neutralizer as a finishing move, but he delivers it well. I’d rather see his European Uppercut or Gut Stomp be incorporated more into the finish. The right man won, and it was a solid opener to hype up the crowd for the PPV proper.

Why It’s Bad- The Miz is just floundering about right now as a face. I was never a big Miz fan to begin with, but he’s almost even more annoying as a face than he was as a heel. The fact that Miz is still having trouble using the Figure Four may signal a quick end to his use of that as a finisher. I’ve seen people botch moves before, but his Figure Four application is just horrible. I’m not sure if his ankle injury last night was legitimate, but it did look painful as he landed. I’m not sure what the WWE should do with Miz really at this point. I’m guessing they don’t either.

Alberto Del Rio defeats The Big Show with duct tape.

Why It’s Good- The WWE has successfully managed to get Alberto Del Rio over as a face champion. Throughout the match, chants of “Si” broke out on numerous occasions. For me, Del Rio has definitely improved in both personality and in-ring performance since turning face and it’s a win-win for the WWE as their current Hispanic wrestlers (Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara) are either non-existent on television in the case of Rey, or just can’t seem to get over, as with Sin Cara. Del Rio is slowly climbing out of the label of “Black Hole of Charisma” and has embraced the change. The victory by way of duct tape had me laughing, as Roberto Rodriguez’s antics were perfect at ringside. It might not have been a new way to win a LMS match, but it was entertaining.

Why It’s Bad- Where does Del Rio go from here? Unfortunately, I’m still seeing Alberto as a transitional champion. Dolph Ziggler is still holding onto the MITB briefcase, Randy Orton is lurking in the shadows, and Sheamus is never far away from the Main Event scene as was evidenced by his final three showing in the Rumble. Del Rio may end up dropping the belt at the Elimination Chamber PPV, but I’d prefer to see him keep it for a little while. He’s actually improving with the belt around his waist, so as long as the crowd reactions continue, keep going with it.

Team Hell No defeat Team Rhodes Scholars

Why It’s Good- Right now, there aren’t any two wrestlers more over than Team Hell No. Kane and Daniel Bryan have fully taken this bull by the horns and are riding it for the full 8 seconds. Every week I wonder if they can keep their momentum up, and every week they do something else to win me over. Their backstage segment concerning their Rumble numbers was absolutely hysterical. The match itself was solid, and I love that Daniel Bryan continues to incorporate the surfboard move into his matches. It’s a painful looking move that when applied correctly looks fantastic.

Why It’s Bad- Other than Team Rhodes Scholars, there isn’t a tag-team that has been pushed enough to challenge Team Hell No. The Tag Team division is at the best place it has been in years, but I would hate for the momentum to stop here. The WWE needs to establish the Prime Time Players, or The Uso’s as legitimate contenders for the belts. Another way they could go is to bring up Bray Wyatt and his “family” to challenge as well. I don’t want the WWE to get short-sighted just because Kane and DB are as over as they are. They need legitimate contenders to keep the ball rolling.

Goldust, Chris Jericho, and The Godfather were surprise entrants in the Rumble

Why It’s Good- The pop for Jericho was insane, and unlike his last debut, there was no trolling involved. Jericho looked fantastic in the match, going very deep into the night. Reports are that he’s just back short-term, but if the WWE can keep him around for a while it’s a good thing for the WWE Universe. Very few people can get a reaction like Y2J. Add to that, the reaction for Goldust was just as good. Everybody popped when Goldie went after Cody and the two brothers finally got to square off toe to toe. Not sure his status, but having Cody eliminate his brother could see a one on one bout down the road.

Why It’s Bad- The Godfather just joined the list of shortest exits in Rumble history being immediately eliminated upon entering the ring. While the pop was great for Papa Pimpmeister, it was a complete waste of a Rumble spot. I’d have rather seen a permanent roster member take that spot. I mean hell, they gave one to Zack Ryder didn’t they?

John Cena wins the Royal Rumble

Why It’s Good- Say what you will about John Cena, but in the WWE’s eyes, he’s still their top guy. He’s still their money maker, their meal ticket, their cash cow. I think you get the picture. Cena has been out of the WWE title scene for some time now, so having him back in it was inevitable. While the final group of wrestlers in the ring lacked any real mystery, it was a good showing from everyone involved. Ziggler did some amazing work. Kofi did his usual spot-monkey segment, only to get eliminated right afterwards. However, wouldn’t it have been easier to just sit in the chair and roll over to the ring? I was happy with the Rumble this year, even with Cena winning.

Why It’s Bad- Well, like they say, everything old is new again. Things haven’t really changed very much at the top of the WWE ladder. With the exception of Ryback and his monster push, the same guys continue to dominate the WWE. Here’s the thing with the Royal Rumble, it’s hard to get a surprise winner because whoever wins gets a title shot at Wrestlemania. That leaves you about 4-5 guys out of 30 who really have any shot at winning. Just once I’d like to see a big surprise winner, but with that title shot as the prize, it’s just not going to happen.

The Rock defeats CM Punk for the WWE Championship

Why It’s Good- The Rock is massively over. That’s pretty much the selling point right there. Even as a part-time wrestler, very few people can get a crowd reaction like The Rock. While his shtick may be old, and his moves the same as they were ten years ago, The Rock is a draw, period. Looking at the match, it was a solid back and forth between Rock and Punk and it had enough drama to it to keep you guessing. The botched announcer table spot looked painful, but neither man was to blame for that. The interference in the dark by “The Shield” was expected, but pulled off very well as they did it under cover of darkness to protect their identity.

Why It’s Bad- I wasn’t fond of how the match ended. Vince himself said that if The Shield interfered he’s strip the belt from Punk. In the dark, Vince couldn’t prove who it was, so by his logic he shouldn’t have been able to make that call. But if he had stripped the belt, there would have been a new element of intrigue, as the belt would have been held up until a rematch was made between The Rock and Punk. Punk could have argued that since there was no evidence of The Shield interfering that Vince had no right to strip him. There were more possible storyline elements at work had the belt been taken off of Punk. I enjoyed the match, but the ending left me cold. Of course once they showed Rocky’s mother in the audience, I knew there was no way he wasn’t leaving the WWE Champion somehow. Now, we have the second coming of the “Once in a Lifetime” match to Main Event Wrestlemania, and quite frankly, I’m not all that interested in seeing it again.

Well that does it for the inaugural edition of the “Why It’s Good, Why It’s Bad” review. Let me know what you think, and as usual hit me up on Twitter or Facebook at the links below my name.

Until next time,
Trip Out!

Special thanks to The Southern One (Trey Cox) for the new column banners created for me. You’ll see a couple of others in the next few weeks. If you need any graphics work down, reach out to Trey at the information below.


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