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Posted in: Chair Shots
Chair Shots: The Love of the Redhead
By TripleR
Jun 7, 2013 - 2:54:51 PM

 photo ChairShots_zps40a9b317.png

Welcome back loyal readers to the column that has secured a spot in the Bound for Glory Series- Chair Shots! Now I’ve been known to do a little bit of everything in my columns- creative stories, reviews, poignant topical items, but today you’ll get none of that. You see last night on Impact Wrestling, Taeler Hendrix came back to my television screen. I’m a sucker for redheads. My girlfriend is a redhead. There’s something fiery and captivating about a hot, smoldering, redheaded girl. Now my fellow columnist zzzorf will tell you that redheads do absolutely nothing for him, but he’s now dead to me (and several others after he made that comment on Twitter). Blondes and brunettes will lose out to a redhead for me every day of the week. So I decided today to count down my top 5 favorite redheads in professional wrestling. Now if you think about it, there aren’t many more than that, which is an utter travesty. So sit back, relax and behold the wonder of the redhead.

5. Christy Hemme

 photo 438861ab-fc81-41e4-8be5-2809f89c1f79_zps82403690.jpg

Christy Hemme first popped on our TV during the WWE’s 2004 Diva Search. She eventually won the whole thing and in 2005 graced the cover Playboy during the WWE’s run with that magazine. In 2006 she moved over to TNA, where eventually she went from Knockout to ring announcer after a neck injury cut short her career as an in-ring competitor. She was however, named the 2006 TNA Knockout of the Year.

In terms of her ranking, early on there was always something quirky and funky about Christy. She wasn’t your typical girl next door type, but instead the girl that beat up the girl next door type. Over the years she’s changed her image though to a well dressed, chic woman. You can count on TNA to grace you with a shot of Christy starting from her feet all the way up at least once during an Impact broadcast, and she never fails to set fire to the screen just by standing there.

4. Lita

 photo Lita_zpsa2e1311d.jpg

As one of the top female wrestlers ever to step foot in a WWE ring, Lita not only raised the bar for female wrestlers, but she also raised the blood pressure of many a male (and maybe female) viewers. Known for her whale tail thong sticking out above her khaki pants, Lita was a true individual in her dress and her attitude. Not unlike Christy Hemme, Lita was very different in her style. While Christy might be the girl to beat up the girl next door, Lita was the girl that beat up both of them.

A four time Women’s Champion, Lita’s matches during her feud with Trish Stratus put even some men’s matches to shame. At times she could be clunky in the ring, but when she was on her game, she could go with the best of them. But her hotness factor was always there, from her wedding dress she wore in her angle with Kane, to the Live Sex Show with Edge. She still pops up on occasion when she’s not working on her music, but from my standpoint she left TV way too soon.

3. Taeler Hendrix

 photo de61b16d-3750-435d-974d-4bf8691312cd_zpse18d9fb4.jpg

As the newest redhead to hit the scene, Taeler brings a spunky, fun energy to the ring whenever she’s on television. The problem is that she’s not on nearly enough. With only a little over four years experience in professional wrestling, Taeler is but a babe in the business. Fans of TNA first saw her on Impact Wrestling taking the Gut Check Challenge, where she lost her match against veteran grappler Tara. But with her fighting spirit and her never say die attitude, Taeler was awarded her TNA contract. Since that time she’s only been on television on two other occasions, again losing to Tara, and than just this past week in a losing effort to Mickie James.

Taeler is definitely learning the ropes. She’s paying her dues down in OVW, but I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot more of this spunky redhead. While I was on Twitter last evening, as I mentioned, zzzorf commented on how many people were talking about how hot Taeler was. She’s developed quite a following already, and I only suspect that will continue to grow with more exposure to TNA fans. She’s definitely got the whole package, so I’m all for more Taeler. Spread the word faithful readers, we want more Taeler Hendrix!

2. SoCal Val

 photo socal_zps375384b5.jpg

Val almost made it to the #1 spot on my countdown, but the truth of the matter is I just don’t get to see enough of her. Val’s role in TNA as the ringside attendant and occasional interviewer doesn’t give her nearly enough exposure to wrestling fans. In the past, she was involved in storyline with Jay Lethal, when they were basically re-enacting the Macho Man/Elizabeth story from the WWF/E, but ever since then she’s been almost non-existent.

What I like about SoCal Val is she looks like someone you could meet out and not be afraid to talk to. Unlike the other redheads on the list, she’s got the girl next door look down pretty good. With a natural beauty and a killer figure, SoCal Val is the everyman’s redhead- gorgeous, but attainable (but not really). Back in 2006, she was offered a deal to pose for Playbody, but to the chagrin of all red-blooded wrestling fans, she declined the offer. Oh what could have been….

1. Maria Kanellis

 photo Maria_Kanellis_18-383x608_zpsf84a96f9.jpg

Much like Christy Hemme, we got our first glimpse of Maria during the WWE Diva Search. While she only placed fifth in the competition, she caught the eye of the WWE who eventually hired her on. She stayed with the company for about five years, and in 2008 graced the pages of Playboy. She had a huge fan following during her time in the WWE, and even represented them on The Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump’s reality competition show. She never captured the Diva’s Championship, but she was one of the most popular females on the rosters amongst the WWE fans.

In 2011, she debuted in Ring of Honor alongside her boyfriend “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett. She would dub herself “The First Lady of ROH”, often assisting her boyfriend in matches by using her feminine charms to distract Bennett’s opponents. Both Maria and Bennett have been absent from Ring of Honor for some time now, and there have been rumours about both of them coming to the WWE.

While it was a tough decision, Maria ultimately takes the top spot in the countdown. She’s got the total package- gorgeous looks, on-screen charisma, and a killer body. I would love to see her return to the WWE once again.

So there you have it readers, my top 5 redheads in professional wrestling. Now I’m sure I’ve missed some Indy stars out there, but quite honestly I’m not as familiar with that scene, so please feel free to let me know who I missed. Did I get the top 5 right? If not, who are your picks?

One last note before I go. Chair Shots may soon be joining the lineup on LOP Radio. I’m getting all my necessary gear together and hopefully in a couple of weeks Trippin’ Out with TripleR (working title) will be gracing the airwaves. I’ll keep you posted as things progress, but hopefully once it gets going you’ll tune in. Until then, please check out all the awesome shows already up, as well as the upcoming schedule Hustle has posted.

Until next time,
Trip Out!

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