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Posted in: Chair Shots
Chair Shots: TNA's Slammiversary PPV "WIGWIB" Review
By TripleR
Jun 2, 2013 - 10:59:12 PM

 photo ChairShots_zps40a9b317.png

It’s TNA’s 11 Anniversary and we’re celebrating it tonight with their Slammiversary PPV extravaganza. I’ll be reviewing the show as it goes along tonight, so my thoughts on the PPV will be fresh as we go along. Tonight we’ll see Bully Ray vs. Sting for the TNA Heavyweight Championship, the second inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame, and much, much more. So without further ado, let’s get on with the show.

Kenny King vs Chris Sabin vs Suicide (X-Division Title)

Why it’s Good
An X-Division match is always a good way to start a PPV. You’re guaranteed some high-risk offense, and a fast-paced atmosphere in the ring. These three seemed to work very well together, and the fact that it was made an Ultimate X match added to the excitement even further. The right person won the match, considering all that Chris Sabin has been through over the last couple of years with the injuries he sustained. Kenny King was an entertaining X-Division Champion, but it was time for Project Sabin to continue his redemption journey back in the squared circle.

Why It’s Bad
The ending felt a little flat to me, with all three men scaling the ropes to get to the X-Division belt. First Suicide fell, and then King fell, with no real innovation there. They basically just got knocked to the mat. Other than that though, this was a really entertaining match, with no real blown spots to speak of. TJ Perkins seems more comfortable under the Suicide mask, and hopefully he’ll stick around for a bit, as Suicide or as himself. But those pants of Sabin though….

Aces & Eights vs Magnus, Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy

Why it’s Good
Hogan’s promo before the match with Aces & Eights was absolutely hysterical. I don’t know if he was drunk or if the painkillers for his hand were kicking in, but he called them pussies and said they were foaming at the crotch. He butchered “Charismatic Enigma” and was almost unintelligible at times. Not sure if it should count in the “good” section, but it made me laugh. Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, and Magnus couldn’t have been more over in the match. Hardy, Joe and Magnus were successful in the match, and rightfully so. With two former World Champions and one future one, that is an impressive threesome.

Why It’s Bad
Briscoe, Bischoff and Anderson are all just dreadful. Never in a million years did I believe they posed a threat to the TNA team. Never in a million years do I believe they pose a threat to anybody. While I love the Aces & Eights storyline, I hate these three with a passion. Briscoe couldn’t take the Twist of Fate right to save his life, botching it two tries in a row. Their work tonight was barely passable, but if I never had to see them on my TV again I’d be a happy man. And was it only me, or did Magnus’ tights remind anyone of Dave & Buster’s?

Jay Bradley vs Sam Shaw in the Gut Check Tournament Finale

Why it’s Good
I like the idea of having a Gut Check guy in the BFG series, as it puts some level of credibility to Gut Check, which up to this point has seemed like a failed experiment. While both men seemed to give their best effort, the crowd was dead for the first time in the evening. The problem is that once they get their Gut Check shot and get their contract, they go away so the fans have nothing to be invested in. I can’t fault either man for the performance they gave this evening. I blame TNA for not giving us a chance to care.

Why It’s Bad
Other than what I already mentioned, does anyone believe that Jay Bradley has a chance in hell of winning the BFG series? He’s wrestled just a couple of matches since getting his contract, and has almost zero experience in TNA. So while I like the idea of him getting a shot in the BFG series, I also feel that it’s almost a wasted spot being used on someone that doesn’t stand a chance. If TNA is going to push Jay Bradley, they’re going to have to do a hell of a lot better than they are doing now.

Devon vs Abyss (replacing Joseph Park) for the TV Title

Why it’s Good
Well, the match with Joseph Park never happened, but Devon bragged about being able to whip Abyss’ ass, so almost on cue, we have a new match. The Abyss/Joseph Park storyline continues to evolve, with Abyss sticking up for his “brother” by going after his attacker, and defeating Devon for the TV Title. What happens now should be pretty interesting considering this was Joseph’s shot. Will he be upset? Will he be grateful? Will Joseph Park wake up with the title in his bed?

Why It’s Bad
Technically, I agree with Taz in the matter of it being an official match. Nobody made the match, so therefore Abyss should have never been awarded the title. Had Devon rolled out of the ring, the match wouldn’t have happened, and nothing would have been said of it. I’m always amazed at how some of the rules are just completely disregarded. I think I’d have rather seen Abyss go after Bully Ray instead of holding the TV Title. Abyss shouldn’t care about titles. He’s not that kind of character. Now he’s forced to defend a belt that probably doesn’t mean much to him.

TNA Hall of Fame Inductee-Kurt Angle

Why it’s Good
Angle has accomplished just about everything there is in the sport. I’m not going to begrudge him the honor, as some have been doing. He’s been a rock for TNA for many years and is most certainly deserving of the honor, but……

Why It’s Bad
Jeff Jarrett and/or AJ Styles should most certainly have been inducted before Angle. Jeff Jarrett put TNA on the map. Without him, they wouldn’t exist. AJ Styles carried the TNA banner long before Kurt Angle showed up, and he was THE GUY for a long period of time. While Angle is deserving, Styles and Jarrett are even more so.

Bad Influence vs Roode/Aries vs Gunner/Storm vs Chavo/Hernandez for the Tag Team Titles

Why it’s Good
Some of the best wrestlers in TNA were showcased in this fast-paced, never a dull moment elimination match. There was always a sense of surprise, as this match could have gone to any of the four teams, all of which were deserving of the victory. When the current champs, Chavo and Hernandez were eliminated, it meant new champs were to be crowned, and all bets starting looking like they were heading towards Gunner and Storm winning the titles, which is exactly what happened. Gunner using Luger’s Torture Rack, now called the “Gun Rack” is a great hold for him.

Why It’s Bad
I’d have loved to have seen Bad Influence in the match for more time. Daniels and Kazarian are money whenever they’re in the ring, and again they almost seemed like an afterthought in yet another PPV tag title match. Hopefully they’ll get back into the title hunt sooner than later because they never fail to entertain. Otherwise, this one was the match of the night so far.

Taryn Terrell vs Gail Kim in a Last Knockouts Standing Match

Why it’s Good
The TNA Knockouts, what small amount of them there are, can certainly perform. Taryn and Gail put on one hell of a match, with multiple “Holy Shit” chants breaking out throughout the course of the match. Both women even received a “This is awesome” chant. The tag team match, which was thoroughly enjoyable, was eclipsed by two women determined to pull off something special, and that they did. The bulldog spot off of the ramp was just sick, and the crowd awarded both women the applause they rightfully deserved.

Why It’s Bad
I got nothing dear readers. This match, which I expected very little of, passed all expectations and then some. Kudos to both women for pulling out all the stops.

Kurt Angle vs AJ Styles

Why it’s Good
There really wasn’t anything wrong with this match, I just don’t think the fans know what to do with AJ Styles right now. He’s not a heel nor is he a face, and the fans just seem confused as to how to react to him. As an AJ Styles fan, I want to cheer for him, but he’s being a douche. Oddly, after announcing Kurt Angle as the Hall of Fame inductee earlier, the fans seemed pretty complacent towards him as well. The match never seemed to get out of second gear, but again, it wasn’t a bad match at all.

Why It’s Bad
Slow, methodical AJ Styles just doesn’t work. It directly conflicts with his style of offense and kind of put the match in a start/stop/start/stop mode for most of the match. It would plod along for a while, and then we’d get some high spots for a moment or two, and then go back to a slower pace. I’m not really sure what having Kurt Angle win did for the AJ Styles story either, as it seemed as though AJ winning would further progress what was developing with Styles.

Bully Ray vs Sting for the TNA Heavyweight Championship

Why it’s Good
Bully Ray defeated Sting who will NEVER GET A TITLE SHOT AGAIN! Let that sink in for a moment. One of the biggest stars in the history of wrestling will not be wrestling for the TNA World Title EVER AGAIN. That is a concept that is just hard to fathom. Bully Ray cemented himself as one of, if not the best heel in wrestling today. Sure he needed help, but what good heel doesn’t? It was a very entertaining main event that progressed the story. Hogan needs to find another guy to take back TNA. Who will it be?

Why It’s Bad
There were moments of “Super Sting” throughout the match as he kicked out of two piledrivers and a powerbomb through a table. I don’t think the match really needed that. Sting is tough to beat, the fans already know that. The multiple kick-outs seemed a little over the top though. Also, it seemed a little odd, that with TNA winning all night, that no one would come help Sting in a No Holds Barred match. That didn’t sit right with me either. Other than that, a good main event closed out a pretty entertaining evening.

So that’s it readers, Slammiversary is in the books. We crowned a new X-Division Champion, a new TV Champion, and new Tag Team Champions. But who would have thought that before the event started that the stars of the evening would have been the Knockouts, Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell. They put on one hell of a match; so much so that Angle and Styles had trouble following it. Yes, I just typed that. Wow! Hope you enjoyed the show, and if you didn’t see it, I hope you enjoyed the review.

Until next time,
Trip Out!

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