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Posted in: Chair Shots
Chair Shots: TNA Lockdown "Why It's Good, Why It's Bad" Review
By TripleR
Mar 11, 2013 - 9:48:46 AM

 photo ChairShots_zps40a9b317.png

Welcome back to Chair Shots loyal readers. Last night, TNA took their show on the road to the Alamo Dome in San Antonio, TX for their Lockdown PPV. Being out of the Impact Zone was a huge improvement in their PPV offering, as the set-up and the crowd made the whole evening look and sound exponentially better than anything that Orlando had to offer. While the event itself had its share of ups and downs, a hot Texas audience kept the evening entertaining, right up until the very end and a reaction I haven’t seen since the NWO days in WCW, but we’ll get to that later. Let’s take a look at the evening shall we?

Kenny King defeated Zema Ion and Christian York to retain the X-Division Title

Why it’s Good
The crowd was hot for the opening match of the evening, and starting off with the high-flying X-Division was the right move to make. There wasn’t much resting in this match, as each wrestler had their share of spots to showcase what they can do in the ring, but it also called out their flaws as well. In the end, the right person won, as neither Ion nor York have really been in the X-Division title recently. Where Kenny King goes from here though is a big question, as the X-Division is hurting for talent with the majority of it being in the ring last night.

Why It’s Bad
Fans of technical wrestling saw none of that in the opener. This was a straight up spotfest from bell to bell. Unfortunately, a lot of the spots were telegraphed pretty blatantly and way too many of them looked sloppy in their execution. Kenny King escaped some serious injury after trying to springboard moonsault off the slippery back of Zema Ion. He crashed hard into the railing, and for a minute I was worried that we had another serious injury in an opening contest. There was also a Triple Stack move out of the corner that looked weak as the Ion and King just appeared to fall, instead of having York power them out of the corner. Overall, there were a lot of missteps that could have resulted in some injuries.

Joseph Park pinned Joey Ryan by sitting on him

Why it’s Good
TNA is seriously underutilizing Joey Ryan. For someone that hasn’t been on TV for a while, he received some of the best heel heat of the evening. He’s sleazy, disgusting, and knows how to push the buttons of the audience. I’m not really sure the best way to use Ryan, because he doesn’t quite fit that X-Division style wrestler, and with the TV Title currently around Devon’s waist a push there doesn’t make much sense either, but TNA needs to use him more frequently.

Why It’s Bad
Joseph Park has worn out his welcome. Park’s appearance started as a storyline to find his brother Abyss, but that seems to have been forgotten along the way. I’d love to see that resolved, as turning a supposedly successful lawyer into a professional wrestler with his “aw shucks” mannerisms isn’t working anymore. It was funny at first, because everybody was waiting for the eventual resolution of the Abyss storyline, but now it’s just sad. It’s time for TNA to either bring back Abyss, or say farewell to Joseph Park.

Velvet Sky retained her Knockouts Title by pinning Gail Kim

Why it’s Good
I’ve said this before, but even on their worst day, the TNA Knockouts can put on a better match than 95% of the WWE Divas. While this wasn’t a stellar outing in any sense, it was the first engaging match of the evening. Velvet Sky is incredibly over with the audience, and Gail Kim can flat out go in the ring. Adding the storyline of Gail’s problems with Taryn Tarrell to the mix gave the match a bit of unpredictability.

Why It’s Bad
That same unpredictability ended up biting them in the ass, as the ending came off as somewhat ridiculous. Gail slapped Taryn, and instead of a simple disqualification, she speared Gail Kim and proceeded to pummel her to the mat with her hair extensions flying out left and right (which was absolutely hysterical). While this is happening, Velvet Sky just stood there and watched, and when all was said and done she hit “In Your Face” and pinned the challenger.

Rob Terry pinned Robbie E.

Why it’s Good
Um…..I don’t know. I can’t really say there was anything good about this match whatsoever. It probably was better suited for Impact than a PPV event.

Why It’s Bad
Everything about this was bad. TNA seems intent on pushing Rob Terry despite the fact that he has limited ability in the ring. He’s horrible with a promo, and seems to have problems with even the simplest wrestling moves. This is the second time they’ve tried getting behind him for a push, and again I see it failing miserably. Time for TNA to end this bromance.

Aries and Roode retained their Tag Team Titles against Bad Influence and Chavo and SuperMex

Why it’s Good
TNA and Bobby Roode worked out whatever problems they had with his contract. Only time will tell if there are any long term ramifications with the issue, but not knowing one of your biggest stars’ contract was expiring is unforgiveable. As for the match, it certainly had its up and downs, but the Texas crowd was popping huge for the team of Chavo and Hernandez. They were the spotlight of the first two thirds of the match, with SuperMex looking better than I’ve seen him look in a while. The champs retained, which was the correct move, especially considering the issue with Roode.

Why It’s Bad
For a large portion of the match, Bad Influence seemed an afterthought. It wasn’t until the latter portions of the match did they seem to factor into the equation. They weren’t really given an opportunity to show that they are one of the best teams in the business today. Neither man showcased any of their signature moves, and at the end of the day their appearance seem a non-factor. What’s interesting about that is that they spent a considerable amount of time in the ring.

Wes Brisco beat Kurt Angle by being dragged out of the cage by D’Lo Brown

Why it’s Good
Kurt Angle continues to be one of the best in the business. I often wonder if the WWE regrets losing him to TNA, as he’s better today than he was when he was in the ‘E. But outside of that, this match shouldn’t have lasted five minutes.

Why It’s Bad
Wes Brisco is horrible. He’s not ready to be in the ring with the likes of Kurt Angle and make it a believable contest. From his over exaggerated facial expressions to his sketchy in-ring work, Brisco needs to take the time to improve before being thrust into the position TNA has put him in. My fear is that with Aces & Eights looking to control all the belts, we will see Briscoe and Bischoff winning the Tag Team titles in the near future. The ending of the match fell flat, as the ref bump seemed incredibly long. D’Lo Brown needed time to attack Angle, who had already left the cage, throw him back in, and then drag Briscoe out the door.

Team TNA defeated Aces & Eights in a Lethal Lockdown match

Why it’s Good
In retrospect I can say this was the correct decision. It had the TNA stars in a good mood, picking up the big win against Aces & Eights, leading up to the big Main Event with Hardy and Bully Ray. A couple of stars had their time to shine, but none more than Eric Young. He was a house of fire in the match, and scored the pinfall after an elbow drop from the very top of the cage. I’m glad EY is back, and hopefully TNA will utilize him better this time around.

Why It’s Bad
The match was a cluster once all 10 men were in the ring, made even worse by Sting’s addition of two trashcans filled with weapons. It was impossible to tell what was going on most of the time, and it just broke down into chaos. While I know it’s impossible to do, because the WWE would not allow it, but I’d love for TNA to utilize two rings for Lethal Lockdown like War Games used. Up until the final event of the evening, Aces & Eights continued to look weak, but all that was about to change.

Bully Ray pinned Jeff Hardy to become the TNA World Champion and revealed himself as the head of Aces & Eights

Why it’s Good
Why isn’t it good? Way back in one of my earlier columns here on the Main Page I wrote about how I wasn’t happy with Bully Ray as a face. One of the scenarios I laid out was that Bully was behind everything and would turn on TNA. Well it sure took TNA their good old sweet time to make that happen, but when it did I marked out like a crazy man. Bully Ray captured the TNA World Title after clubbing Jeff Hardy in the back with a mallet. He screamed at Hulk Hogan. He taunted Brooke Hogan. Fans littered the ring in a way that I haven’t seen since Hogan, Hall and Nash formed the NWO. It was a truly marvelous ending and it gave Bully Ray his much deserved first World Championship. Nobody has worked harder this past year, and I’m thrilled that Bully Ray has been given this shot.

Why It’s Bad
Think about this people. Bully Ray turned his back on Hulk Hogan. He degraded his daughter, and embarrassed him publicly. There’s only one outcome here that makes sense, and that’s the return of Hulk Hogan to the ring. This is a man that has had over a dozen surgeries on his back, hip, etc. Hogan has already said he would love one more run as World Champion, but he’s probably the only one that wants to see that happen. His return seems inevitable, and that makes me sad. But for now, there’s one TNA World Champion, and his name is Bully Ray!

 photo BullyRay_zps4611e0dd.jpg

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