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Posted in: Chair Shots
Chair Shots: Surviving the Bubble World
By TripleR
Aug 5, 2013 - 9:38:58 AM

 photo ChairShots_zps40a9b317.png

Welcome back readers to the column that has been cast as the new Doctor Who- Chair Shots! Now before I get into the column, I’d like to apologize for not being on LOP Radio this week. Al Laiman came to me with a special request, as he has a chance to do “30 Thoughts” live during Raw, and I gave him my spot. For those looking for a return of “Trippin’ Out”, I promise it will be back soon.

So that’s a pretty odd column title huh? Well, I can thank none other than The Blueprint Matt Morgan for the inspiration for that, as well as this column. Yesterday, Matt tweeted out support for Kurt Angle in his battle against addiction.

I ask all of u Instead of mocking/judging Kurt angle at this time 2PLEASE support&pray for him as he heads down what I can vouch 4will be 1

of the mentally toughest paths a human being can endure. After 7 years of sobriety(pills) myself, I can say its EASILY my proudest

achievement! But I did so from a strong supporting cast here,& ur fans support goes WAY FURTHER than u realize! Kick this thing's ass Kurt!

Sometimes 140 characters gets in the way of a sentiment, but you can see just how classy a tweet that is. I tweeted Matt, telling him just that. To my surprise he tweeted me back, and we had about a half hour conversation on Twitter and one of the things he said really hit home for me. He said that “so many of us get caught up in wrestling’s bubble world and replace that world for the real world.” I sat back and thought about that, and he couldn’t have been more correct.

It’s easy for us, as wrestling fans to be judgmental. I’m sure more than once we’ve seen a story about a wrestler making a mistake, getting arrested, or having some other issue that makes us shake our heads and immediately criticize and mock that person. That’s the easy part. There’s no challenge in being “that guy”. The challenge comes in being the guy that stands up and supports that person who is probably going through more things in their life that we are aware of. It’s not an easy stance to take, because wrestling fans by nature are quick to judge.

As human beings we make mistakes.

And if we aren’t strong enough, we can let the mistakes make US.

That’s where as wrestling fans we have to lend our support to people like Kurt Angle, who is going through one of the toughest things he’ll probably ever go through. Sure he’s an Olympic champion. Sure he’s one of the greatest professional wrestlers of our time. But he’s probably never had a tougher battle than the one he’s going to have with himself as he enters rehabilitation. Because in this instance, he’s facing the hardest opponent he’s ever had to face- himself.

I have addiction in my family. My brother is an alcoholic. He has been arrested due to his alcohol issues. He has also, while admitting to being an alcoholic, never gotten help for his alcoholism. He’s what most people would call a “functioning alcoholic”. Most people would never know that the problem exists, but it’s there and it could become worse at any moment, depending on what’s going on in his life. As his family, we have our hands tied as he won’t accept our help. He won’t listen when we tell him that his drinking will ultimately kill him, especially considering he already has a heart condition. So if we bend over backwards for our loved ones, why can’t we bend over backwards for those people that are also a big part of our lives?

We watch professional wrestling because we love it. I’ve been a fan for over 35 years, and wrestling means something to me. Hell, I bet it means “something” to each and every one of you or else you wouldn’t turn your TV to WWE or TNA or whatever it is you watch. It’s perfectly fine to wonder how Kurt’s arrest and entry into rehab is going to affect TNA and their upcoming storylines, because we care about TNA and its future. So we’ll wonder what will happen to the match at Hardcore Justice. But what isn’t fine is criticizing Kurt Angle for being “stupid” or “careless” because he got arrested. Put yourself in Kurt’s shoes. Do you want people to ridicule you? I know I don’t, and I’m not in the public eye like Kurt Angle is.

This “bubble world” of professional wrestling is a wonderful place for the most part. We’re allowed to watch our heroes entertain us day in and day out; putting their bodies on the line for the thing they love. But sometimes, as fans we get too entitled. We feel like we’re owed something from these warriors of the ring. We ask ourselves, how dare they do something so stupid? So I ask you in return, how dare you judge them for their mistakes? Each and every person out there has something that they’re ashamed of, something that they themselves would not want to be judged for if it ever came out. Not one of us is perfect, not one. I’ve made my share of mistakes, and I have been judged harshly by people I loved. But when all was said and done, it was the people who loved ME that stood by me.

So for every Kurt, Jeff, Matt, Chyna, Scott, or Jake that comes our way, replace them with the people in your lives you know and care about that might be struggling with their own demons. Show them support, show them caring, and show them understanding. At the end of the day, we all live in our own “bubble world” and at the end of the day we all just try to survive it.

As human beings, we all take a path through life.

And if we ARE strong enough, we can lead that path, not led the path lead us.

So just for a little while, be strong, be brave, and be understanding.

Until next time,
Trip Out!

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