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Posted in: Chair Shots
Chair Shots Spotlight: The X-Patriot Takes On Supercard of Honor XI by XanMan
By Rob Simmons
Mar 30, 2017 - 9:42:36 AM

What’s up everybody? I was going to end the week with a look at Ring of Honor’s Supercard of Honor, but XanMan, a LordsofPain Hall of Famer wrote a perfectly excellent one in the Columns Forum. So with his blessing, I bring you the X-Patriot; the one and only XanMan.

 photo Xan smaller.png

This coming weekend is the biggest wrestling weekend of the year. Even those who are disillusioned with World Wrestling Entertainment understand that. There’s the Hall of Fame Friday night, Wrestlemania on Sunday, and, of course, sandwiched in between those two is nXt Takeover Orlando. I will not, however, be watching Takeover live. There have been a decade’s worth of Supercards of Honor before this year’s edition—including one I attended live in Houston in 2009—but only three of those previous ones have been on pay per view, and last year’s wasn’t. This year’s wasn’t scheduled to be, either, and I thought that was a real shame considering at the event is both the first advertising Ring of Honor World Tag Title match between the (Broken) Hardys and The Young Bucks and the first World Title match for Dalton Castle—in Christopher Daniels’ first defense in his first reign. Last week, though, it was announced it would be available to purchase on rohwrestling.com and with the Fite TV. So, since I got what I was wishing for, I will be ordering this show for the $30 and watching it on Saturday before I watch Takeover on demand. Got to love the “On Demand” function of WWE Network, don’tcha?

Bullet Club (Hangman Page & The Guerrillas of Destiny) vs. Bully Ray & The Briscoes © for the ROH World Six-Man Championship

But, Xan…you just reviewed Ring of Honor’s 15th Anniversary Show and the Kingdom left that show as the Six-Man Champs! Yes, yes I did, but I also told you that the “Sassy Wild Horse” TK O’Ryan legit broke his leg doing a tope con hilo when it crashed into the steel barricade; so the next day at the tv tapings, Silas Young filled in for him and was promptly pinned to drop the titles to Bully & Dem Boys; setting up both this title defense and a match between The Kingdom vs Young & The Beer City Bruiser for SOH. Bully Ray obviously came in directly opposing Bizz Clizz US kingpin, Cole, while the Briscoes and GoD traded the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Titles back and forth, so there’s decent history here. A couple things to look out for: Will Page start getting back on the star path, will GoD show up and have a great match the way they were doing towards the end of 2016 or revert back to the crappy way they were wrestling prior—mostly due to Tonga Loa?, and will Jay Briscoe continue his slow heel turn? This will be an interesting match for those reasons, if nothing else.

Adam Cole vs. Marty Scurll © for the ROH World Television Championship

I can only imagine that Cole is getting this shot because he is unable to get a shot at his recently lost World Title as soon as he wants it, due to the already contractually obligated title shot occurring at this event. Cole isn’t one to rest on his laurels, and since his squad has lost all of their gold in recent weeks, he obviously wants to do all he can to try to regain some for them. Those who have the gold make the rules, right? At least in Cole’s mind, this is true. Scurll, on the other hand, has taken on all comers for his championship to date, including the dynamic challenge of Lio Rush at the 15th Anniversary Show, so this is an opportunity to both prove himself against an even higher class of competition and move up a little bit by facing one of the elite members of the Ring of Honor roster. Cole has been pretty damn good in 2017; of course, he’s been facing terrific ring workers throughout, so that could be the reason for it and, if it is? There will certainly be no surcease this time around, as Scurll is fucking awesome no matter who he’s against, from what I’ve seen to this point.

Dalton Castle vs. Christopher Daniels © for the ROH World Championship

I feel a little bit bad having this in the 3rd position of my top 5, considering how much I like everything about Dalton Castle and how happy I am that Daniels finally has a world championship, but it really isn’t a reflection on this match; there’s just no heat to it. Both guys are competent and consummate professional wrestlers and it is going to be a hell of a showcase for Castle in Daniels’ first defense as the reigning ROH World Championship, but this is not his hill to die on. This reign is basically going to be one where he will lose the title due to “death from a thousand cuts” as he is the babyface champion surrounded by wolves, vultures, etc who are all looking to take the championship for themselves. Even his best friend, “Heavy Metal Rebel” Frankie Kazarian will eventually turn on him for really real by the time this whole thing is over. Castle may, in fact—dare I say should-- be the guy to unseat the Almighty for the championship, but it won’t be this night in what should be one hell of a good pro wrestling match and that’s all we should be looking for from this encounter.

CODY vs. Jay Lethal in a Texas Bullrope Match

This match, however, has all kinds of heat behind it. CODY had Jay Lethal on his list, because it was supposed to be an honor to wrestle him, and when the time came for the two to hook up at Final Battle, it certainly looked like we were going to get an excellent scientific contest…until the ref got poked in the eye and there was an opportunity for a shortcut. Once that happened, Lethal experienced an American Nightmare to the balls, while CODY took the lower side of the Cross Rhodes, and we had a new monster heel in Ring of Honor. Shortly after, of course, he joined Bullet Club and was involved in a couple of tag matches with Lethal, but this is their big grudge match and Lethal needs to resolve this issue before heading onto his World Title shot he earned at the 15th Anniversary Show by defeating Bobby Fish—who is conspicuous by his absence from this card. Unfortunately for him, he has to do so in a (Where we’re going, we don’t need) Rhodes specialty match, though I honestly don’t know if CODY has ever been I one. I don’t normally like this stipulation, but I expect these two to pull out an excellent brawl.

The Young Bucks vs. The (Broken) Hardys © for the ROH World Tag Titles in a ladder match

These legendary teams have faced each other a few times before, but never on this big of a stage. The Bucks of Youth were in Total Nonstop Action back circa 2009-2011 as Max and Jeremy (Generation Me,) but never crossed paths with the team they have so often been compared to when they were with that company. In recent years, the Hardys and the Jacksons have met at House of Hardcore and a few other places, but this is the first actual storyline between the two. It started with a brief Tron appearance by Broken Matt at Final Battle and continued with verbal references on both Impact! and ROH Wrestling, until finally the Hardys made a surprise appearance at Manhattan Mayhem, taking the titles from the Bucks after an impromptu challenge immediately following a tough title defense against Rush and Jay White. Then at the…wait for it…15th Anniversary Show, the Bucks didn’t take the fall in a 3-Way Dance Vegas Street Fight that saw Matt and Jeff retain their titles. Now, we finally have the first fully advertised match between the two pairings and it’s been turned into a ladder match. While, that may turn out to be for the best, I was looking forward to a standard tag team bout between the two. No hardcore rules, no ladders, no tables, etc. Maybe next time; I’m not going to hate it for what it isn’t, I’m going to revel in the energy, excitement, and awesomeness these two teams of brothers are going to bring. The match three weeks before is in my top five matches this year so far; can this one top it without the exploits of Roppongi Vice? I don’t doubt it; but it’s not going to be easy. Bring it on, boys!

So, there you have it, the five matches I am most excited for on this card. There is also the tag match I mentioned featuring the healthy 2/3 of the Kingdom, two women of honor matches, Kazarian vs. “Punishment” Martinez, The Motor City Machine Guns doing something, Colt Cabana on commentary and what should be an awesome battle of high flyers in Will O’Spreay & Volador, Jr vs Dragon Lee & Jay White. And I’ll review all of it on LOP Radio April 9th—one week after Wrestlemania’s Aftershock program and one week before my review of Sakoro Genesis, which, coincidentally occurs April 9, live on NJPW World.

Until next time, Be X-Cellent.

* You can follow XanMan on Twitter @XanManLOP as well as check out his stuff in the LordsofPain Columns Forum. Great stuff on a regular basis with takes on Ring of Honor and NJPW among other things.*

Thanks so much for reading. Hit us up below with your thoughts, comments and questions. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter at the link below.

Until next time,
Rob (and XanMan) Out!

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