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Posted in: Chair Shots
Chair Shots: Saving Survivor Series
By TripleR
Nov 6, 2012 - 9:19:22 AM


You know, I can’t tell you how excited I am for Survivor Series. The Team Punk vs. Team Foley matchup looks like it…..wait, what? What do you mean it’s not happening? OK, well than the Cena/Ziggler match will surely be a Match of the Year cand….huh? That’s not happening either? The WWE spent all of last week building these matches up, only to have them completely changed coming out of last night’s Monday Night Raw. Confused? Good, because so am I.

As I was watching Raw last night, I was chatting on Twitter with Hustle, Tito, and Super Chrisss and we were all completely dumbfounded at what we were watching. As Hus mentioned, it was like one creative team wrote last week’s show and a whole different creative team wrote this weeks. I’d go so far as to say that they not only completely scrapped all the events of last week, but they put a stick of dynamite in its ass and blew it to pieces. When things like this happen, we as columnists run the risk of stepping on each other’s toes with similar columns, but this turn of events leading into a PPV that is two weeks away completely scrambled my brain.

An entire show was structured around building up Mick Foley questioning CM Punk’s manhood and setting up the Team Foley vs. Team Punk main event for Survivor Series; three full hours of television built around that premise. Along with that, we saw numerous confrontations between John Cena and Dolph Ziggler leading to what would surely be a stellar match between the two. Wrestling fans were actually buzzing about these two matches. They had the potential for stellar action and most of all, they were something we had not seen recently. So of course in his infinite wisdom, Vince completely changed everything. Now we get a Triple Threat match between Punk, Ryback, and Cena for the WWE Championship, and Dolph Ziggler leading a Survivor Series team against a man that he has no history with in Team Foley. There’s absolutely no storyline there that makes any sense whatsoever.

So where does that leave Survivor Series? From my perspective, it leaves it in a bit of disarray. We still don’t have any more than three matches announced, and the quality of the three has probably gone down a step or two. Instead of a Cena/Ziggler show stealer, we get a Triple Threat cluster for the WWE Championship. Instead of the Foley/Punk confrontation that the WWE has been building for months, we get Ziggler leading the team, and getting less of a rub than he would have gotten against John Cena. We still have Sheamus vs. The Big Show in a rematch for the World Championship, but the way things are going who knows how that may change. With only two weeks to go before a PPV that at one time was one of the “Big Four”, the card is a mess. But being the creative chap that I am, I’m going to sort it all out for you, Chair Shots style.

Team Foley vs. Team Ziggler
Right now, Team Foley is down one man. Look for that man to be The Miz, who will in the process have the face turn that people have been suggesting for a while now. After quitting Team Punk due to Punk walking out on them, Miz is still going to look to make an impact at Survivor Series. He will become the 5th man of Team Foley. With the wrestlers involved, this should still be a decent match, but Team Ziggler will be a mess due to animosity between Del Rio, Ziggler, and possibly Barrett as to who is the leader of the team. This WILL NOT be Dolph’s finest hour, and it makes me wonder about Tito’s hypothesis that Dolph could possibly be in the doghouse again. Look for Team Foley to come out on top.

CM Punk/John Cena/Ryback
I hate Triple Threat matches for the championship. What I hate even more is when a champion loses and they aren’t even involved in the pinfall. So far, the WWE has been very careful in the amount of exposure that Ryback has been given in big matches. The HIAC match was brief, and his involvement in Raw’s tag team Main Event was limited. I think the jury is still out on whether or not Ryback can put on a lengthy match and still be booked strong. I haven’t been convinced of his selling ability as of yet, because frankly he hasn’t had to do much of it. I do see Punk coming out on top in this one somehow, but if Vince is freaking about the ratings, don’t be surprised if Super Cena ends up with the belt.

Sheamus/Big Show
Word is that a stipulation will be added to this one. My money would be on it being a Last Man Standing match, with both men pumping up the fact that they’ve kicked out of each other’s big knock out moves. I honestly don’t expect this to be much different than their last match, because quite frankly Big Show can’t really do much different. He’s limited in his match choices, and with a bigger opponent like Sheamus this will be a hard-hitting, but slow match-up. A big part of me still hopes that with a Last Man Standing stipulation that Dolph will finally get a chance to cash in on the winner, and FINALLY become World Champion.

The Rest of the Card
Divas Championship- Yes, it’s going to be defended. And much like every other Divas match on a PPV it will be a filler between two of the bigger matches. We will probably have some combination of Eve, Kaitlyn, and Layla, and much like their last match at HIAC, much peeing will occur at this time.

US Championship- At HIAC, the US Title was defended in a completely unannounced match with a feud that lasted all of 47 seconds. This time around, there has been some decent build-up between Antonio Cesaro and R-Truth leading up to this match that we SHOULD see at Survivor Series. R-Truth’s latest Tout was absolutely hysterical, mocking Cesaro’s “5 Language” shtick. I go back and forth on Truth and what he can bring to the ring, because quite frankly he’s been inconsistent for much of his WWE career. This is a complete clash of styles, and could turn out to be a bit of a train wreck. In the end though, Cesaro should retain.

Tag Team Match- I’m incredibly excited about the state of the Tag Team division right now. There is some solid action going on, with quite a few great teams being formed. We might get a Tag Team Turmoil match, or even a Tag Team Survivor Series style match-up. Look for Rey/Sin Cara and Ryder /Santino to be involved on one end, and the Prime Time Players and 3MB to be involved on the other.


So here’s where Trips gets a little wacky. If I had things my way, Ziggler cashes in on either Sheamus or Big Show and becomes the World Champion. During the night the AJ/Cena storyline progresses with Ziggler continuing to stick his nose in Cena’s business. After the Triple Threat match, Cena’s had enough and calls out Dolph Ziggler, challenging him to a match for his newly won WWE Championship. Yes, in my scenario, we DO get Ziggler/Cena, and it’s the Main Event. On this night, at this Survivor Series, Dolph Ziggler gets made. The fans explode like a virgin during their first time, the IWC wets their pants, and the PPV ends with the wrestling world happy……… but that would make too much sense.

Until next time,
Trip Out!

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