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Posted in: Chair Shots
Chair Shots Presents: The WWE Worst Gimmick of All-Time Champion Revealed! (and Epilogue)
By Rob Simmons
May 20, 2014 - 10:01:26 AM

 photo ChairShots_zps40a9b317.png

Welcome back dear readers to the column that is one race away from winning the Triple Crown- Chair Shots! Well, we did it! After several rounds, 96 contestants, and thousands of total votes (yes thousands!), we have crowned the Worst WWE Gimmick of All-Time. I must admit, I was shocked at how close this contest was, but after a total of 560 votes in the finale alone, winning by a vote of 290-270, our champion is:


Let’s take a look at Mantaur’s storied career in the WWE.

Debut: January 7, 1995 on Superstars of Wrestling where he took on a jobber from my hometown Baltimore, MD named Walter Slow. The ring announcer for that match actually called him The Minotaur, and on commentary you hear Vince McMahon changing it to Mantaur.

He was managed by Jim Cornette of all people, when he feuded with Hall of Famer Razor Ramon.

Mantaur’s only PPV appearance was in the 1995 Royal Rumble where he lasted 10 minutes.

He actually had a winning record in his short time in the WWE, with a 13-6 record. However, he never beat anything but jobbers. He did not score one victory over a top WWE Superstar.

I present for your viewing pleasure, the 1995 debut of Mantaur


Well that’s it for the tournament. I’d like to send out big thanks to YourAyatollah for joining me for most of the competition, especially considering his busy life right about now. It’s was a pleasure to have you along for the ride. But before we go, we here at Chair Shots would like to give a shout out to the man we consider the King of the Bad Gimmicks. He actually showed up in the tournament twice, and if we were doing a combined WWE/WCW tournament he would have shown up multiple times. Dear readers, let me present to you:


 photo e6ba6cde-7f7d-466e-8adc-41989a0357c5_zps709e1ef0.jpg photo 1dd4ada1-8191-40f8-878f-7bf592535890_zpsec7ddd9c.jpg photo 26ab40f4-8696-420f-a177-73727025b25e_zps425141d2.jpg photo 05efe045-f77e-42d5-a196-19d2c2be557f_zps8efb0d40.jpg photo 94c1ed0b-4f36-4732-913d-bc656ec34825_zpsf884305a.jpg photo 5ce886c5-4209-4669-9dbd-d69f8d44cfdc_zpse81a434b.jpg photo 007bbc54-bf73-4601-a1ce-605a321d4ac8_zps63829372.jpg photo 0f453592-b5d7-4f64-979e-6d5c3ad30a4a_zpsaad2e3f9.jpg

This is a man that’s had so many bad gimmicks you’d have to think it became a running joke with bookers to see how much more horribleness they could saddle poor Ed with. Here’s a list of the gimmicks he wrestled under

Ed Boulder/Dizzy Hogan- “brother” of Hulk Hogan
Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake- his most successful run
The Man With No Face- never wrestled under it, just came in and headbutted a few people
Brother Bruti- play on the Brutus Beefcake name
The Butcher/The Man With No Name/Zodiac- gimmicks he used as Kevin Sullivan’s Dungeon of Doom
The Booty Man- a wrestler obsessed with his own ass. Finishing move was “The High Knee” (get it?)
The Disciple- part of the NWO

“Hey Ed, we’ve got a new gimmick for you. We’re going to call you The Booty Man. See the gimmick is that you’re fascinated by ass.”

“Whose ass? Hulk’s ass? I could be down with that.”

“No, not Hulk’s ass. You’re fascinated with your own ass.”

“Is Hulk fascinated with my ass to? I could be down with that.”

“No Ed, but we are pairing you up with Kimberly Page. We’re going to call her The Booty Babe.”

“Nah, I’ll pass.”

Well that's it readers. Thanks again for making this tournament such a huge success. Without you all voting it would have been a complete disaster. As usual leave your questions, comments, suggestions, death threats and sympathy for Ed Leslie through all the available means of communications.

Until next time,
Rob Out!

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