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Posted in: Chair Shots
Chair Shots Presents: The Return of The Triple "R"
By TripleR
Nov 30, 2012 - 10:09:49 AM


Welcome back loyal readers. They say with great power comes great responsibility, so that means it’s time for another column from your friendly neighborhood columnist. If you followed me in the Columns Forum, you know I like to bring out a little something called The Triple “R”. This is a blog type column, where I touch on three topics, each having the letter “R” in them, just like yours truly. So without further ado (or adon’t), let’s get on with it.



As of late, both the WWE and TNA have had major storylines based around relationships with women. This isn’t anything new in professional wrestling, as stories centering on the female persuasion have been around for years. We’ve had Randy Savage & Elizabeth’s epic storyline. We’ve had Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s marriage, and many, many more. The difference between those storylines and what we’ve seen recently is that for the most part they made sense. There was a legitimate basis for the story, normally centering on either jealousy, or a face/heel turn. The current crop of tales has neither, and for the most part make absolutely no sense.

It all started with AJ Styles and Claire Lynch; an angle that had Daniels and Kazarian blackmailing AJ Styles over an affair with a woman nobody cared about. She wasn’t another wrestler, or a famous name. She was an indiscriminate woman with horrible acting skills. We went straight from a one-night stand to a pregnancy. Anybody who’s watched wrestling for a long period of time knows that there is no good way out of a pregnancy storyline. Unless the female’s water is going to break on live TV and she’s going to spit out a kid, you’ve boxed yourself into a corner. So there was no way out of the storyline other than to have it come out that Daniels and Kaz made the whole thing up, leading us back to where we started.

So because that went soooo well for TNA, the WWE decided it was time to do the same type of storyline based around the biggest star in the company, John Cena. In this tale of romance and ridiculousness, Vickie Guerrero is calling out AJ and John Cena for having an “inappropriate affair”. What makes this so bad is that there is NO REASON that John Cena and AJ Lee can’t date. They’re both single. They’re both attractive. So what’s the problem? The last time I checked, wasn’t Vickie Guerrero involved with both Edge and Dolph Ziggler? This has gotten so confusing; I don’t even think Morgan Freeman could explain it to me.

So let’s bounce back to TNA, where they’re doing it again- this time with Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan. Now I will admit, this one makes a little more sense than the other two, being based around Daddy’s protectiveness of his daughter being in a relationship with Bully Ray, but haven’t they learned their lesson yet? My only comment is that I thought Bully Ray had better taste than Brooke Hogan. The ability of Bully Ray to sell a story, and Austin Aries poking and prodding into it could be the saving grace of this one.

A report came out that the WWE’s motivation in these angles is them wanting to go after the female demographic. Now I can understand going after new markets, but at least do so in an intelligent manner. Not every woman wants to watch the WWE to see As the Girl Turns. I can’t speak for every woman out there, but when my girlfriend watches with me, she wants to see good action, and some hot male bodies, not stupid, convoluted storylines. Assuming that every woman who watches wrestling also wants to watch a love story is both insulting and an outdated way of thinking.



NxT developmental wrestler Kenneth Cameron was arrested Thanksgiving Eve for battery on a cop, and public intoxication. It appears that the WWE has severed ties with him, as he has been removed from the NxT roster page. This is Cameron’s second offense with alcohol related issues, with the other being a DUI.

If you watch NxT, you know that Cameron and Conor O’Brian were two of the shining stars of NxT, as the team of The Ascension. Fans were clamoring for their advancement to the main roster in what is already a flourishing Tag Team Division. This is a team that seemed to have it all together- crisp moves, a good look, and a solid foundation as a “team”, something that some of the current crop of teams are still fleshing out. Now it appears we won’t be seeing The Ascension in the WWE. Not only does this make me upset that Cameron has blown his chance at the main roster, but it also hurts his partner Conor O’Brian. For the better part of 2012, both men were pushed as a tag team force. Hopefully, Conor O’Brian will make the best of this, and still continue to improve and make his case for a roster spot in the near future.

This is yet another example of how hard a life it must be as a professional wrestler. You are constantly on the road, taking beatings, and putting your body through unspeakable amounts of pain for that chance to make it to the big time. No one can really say what has caused Kenneth Cameron’s alcohol problems, but hopefully this will be a wake-up call to not only him, but any other wrestler who is in development looking to make it to the next level. Do everything the right way, work hard, and stay clean. Good luck to both Cameron and O’Brian- hopefully this won’t be the last we’ve seen of The Ascension.



News broke yesterday the Fabulous Freebird Buddy Roberts passed away at the age of 67. The cause of death was not announced, but he has been fighting a significant battle with throat cancer for many years. I had the privilege of seeing the Fabulous Freebirds a couple of times in their heyday, and I must say they were show-stealers each and every time I saw them. From the muscle of Terry Gordy, to the flamboyance of Michael Hayes, to the rugged toughness of Buddy Roberts, this team had everything.

The Freebirds were the first team to defend major tag team titles using what eventually became known as “The Freebird Rule”. Being a team of three, they wouldn’t announce what combination of the three would be wrestling the match until the match started, and it was a tactic that more often than not worked to their advantage. The Freebirds were truly a team that got a reaction from the fans. They were both hated and loved at the same time, and I’m truly grateful I got a chance to see them live.

The Fabulous Freebirds for the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2013. Let’s make it happen people. This team belongs in the Hall. Let’s tweet it up and show our support. My best wishes and condolences go out to the family and friends of Buddy Roberts. R.I.P.

Until next time,
Trip Out!

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