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Posted in: Chair Shots
Chair Shots Presents: Money in the Bank, or Wyatt in the Bank?
By Rob Simmons
Jun 17, 2014 - 9:54:00 AM

 photo ChairShots_zps40a9b317.png

Welcome back everybody to the column that’s all about the upset- go TEAM USA!!! What an amazing win for them yesterday in the World Cup. I went from a really great football match, on the pitch, where the players wore kits, to a really strong Raw that had some truly memorable segments. It was by far the most enjoyable Raw in the past month or so, and had me engaged pretty much up until the Main Event, which I really thought ended the show on a low note.

So what worked last night? Very quickly I’ll give you my High- 5 of the evening, and then I’ll present my case as to why Bray Wyatt is the most likely winner of MITB.

Raw’s High-5

5.) Paige looking strong in the ring for a change. She showed some of the aggression NXT fans know her for.

4.) Rusev’s continued improvement in the ring. He’s winning me over slowly but surely

3.) The crowd reaction all night for Dean Ambrose. A good sign for the most unlikely of babyfaces.

2.) The continued growth of Roman Reigns. You can see his stock rising, and he’s got “Main Event Star” written all over him.

1.) STARDUST!- I’m not gonna lie, I loved seeing Cody Rhodes last night as StarDust. I think it worked perfectly, and has everybody talking today. Now what I’d like to see is Cody coming back next week not having any clue what he did on Raw and working that angle. Cody plays crazy/creepy really well. I say go with it!

Another thing that happened last night was that the MITB ladder match for the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship was finalized with a qualifying Battle Royal, and a stretcher match between Kane and John Cena. Cena, as expected, won the stretcher match and qualified for the match. The Battle Royal was won by a man that wasn’t even supposed to be in the match in the first place, Roman Reigns. So with that we have our seven participants. But for me, there’s one man that needs to walk out with that belt and his name is Bray Wyatt!

Let’s look at this realistically. Half of the combatants have little or no chance of winning the belt at the PPV. You can almost immediately rule out Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio. Sheamus, holding the US Title, is not going to be a duel champion. He hasn’t really been in the Main Event picture since his return and his winning the match is highly unlikely. Quite frankly, I’d have rather had someone like Bad News Barrett in that spot instead, but since the WWE is so high on Sheamus it was no surprise he qualified. Del Rio has even less of a chance of winning. There are still rumours of him leaving the WWE once his contract expires, and his involvement of anything of importance has been minimal at best over the last few months. Honestly, Del Rio has been floundering about with no real purpose other than to wrestle some decent matches that don’t mean a whole lot.

As much as I love Cesaro, I think winning the belt would actually hurt him more than help him. He’s one the verge of greatness, but for me he’s just not quite there yet. His relationship with Paul Heyman really hasn’t done much to improve his stock any. In fact, Heyman spends just as much time putting over Brock Lesnar, who isn’t around, that he does on Cesaro. I’m not sure Cesaro will EVER be the Main Event guy. He’s fantastic at what he does, but there’s something missing in the ingredients that prevent me from calling him World Champion material. I DO expect him to shine in the match however, and his stock will still remain strong, just not holding a gold belt.

Randy Orton winning would be more of “been there, done that.” It would almost be like starting the Orton/Bryan storyline all over again once D-Bry returns, and I don’t think anybody wants that. Orton has definitely shifted into another gear lately, and I applaud him for that, but his title reigns are without question very lackluster. I don’t dislike Orton, but putting the belt back on him at this juncture doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Does anybody want John Cena to get the belt again? I’ll wait……………………….still waiting ……………………….yeah, I didn’t think so. Once thing I noticed last night during Raw was the continued waning interest in John Cena. That’s not to say that Cena isn’t still wildly popular, but his match with Kane ended the night with a thud instead of a bang. Multiple stars received bigger pops than Cena did last night, and that isn’t the first time it has happened. At this point in Cena’s career, he doesn’t NEED to have the WWE World Championship. He’s already established that he’s the top guy in the WWE, so the belt does little to add any value to his stock. John Cena will be the top guy until he doesn’t want to be anymore, OR until the crowd dictates otherwise. And as of late, the crowd is starting to voice that opinion more and more.

So that brings us to the last two competitors in the match. Roman Reigns is certainly the star of the future. I think everybody can see that. He’s got a great look. He oozes charisma. His in-ring skill is improving daily. The only thing that is a bit behind is his promos, but I think he can get there. But putting the belt on Reigns at this point in his career is a huge mistake. While he has more main roster experience than Bray Wyatt, he’s been mostly a “team competitor”. The majority of his matches have been in two and three man matches with The Shield. Yes, Wyatt has his Family, but he’s wrestled many singles matches, and seems more prepared to be elevated at this juncture. Reigns will get there, without a doubt, and this time next year he may be holding the title, but for me it’s just too soon to put it around his waist.

So that leaves me with my choice to win it all, Bray Wyatt. There’s some logic behind my way of thinking. First off, earlier in the evening Rowan and Harper are facing the Usos for the tag titles. While I am a HUGE fan of Jimmy and Jey, I think that The Wyatts will walk out of MITB with the tag belts around their waists. It will set up a continued program with The Usos that could be phenomenal. So by the time we get to the MITB match, Bray will already have gold in his family. If he were to ascend the ladder and capture the belt, The Wyatt Family will be fully bathed in championship gold (or whatever those tag titles are supposed to be).

Also, from my perspective, a heel needs to win this match. Having a face win, and then having Daniel Bryan come back doesn’t make sense. He needs to have an adversary to thwart his attempts at regaining his championship. The Wyatts are the perfect adversaries. They have history with Daniel Bryan, and they are a group that The Authority may THINK they can control, but will find out that they can’t. If the rumours of a Wyatt face turn are true, this could be the catalyst for that change. If Triple H and Stephanie try to push Bray around, he’ll revolt against them, but at the same time continue to play the anti-hero in his battle against Bryan and everything that doesn’t fit the Wyatt Family way of thinking. There’s quite a lot of potential in having The Wyatt Family “in control” of things so to speak. At the end of the day, Bray Wyatt just might, just possibly, have the whole world in his hands.

So that’s it for today dear readers. What do you think will happen at MITB? As usual, please leave your questions, comments, suggestions, death threats, and scratch off lottery tickets at all the available outlets. Thanks SO MUCH for reading!

Until next time,
Rob Out!

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