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Posted in: Chair Shots
Chair Shots Presents: Is the Women's Revolution Suffering from Too Much Too Soon?
By Rob Simmons
Dec 6, 2016 - 11:23:39 AM

 photo a8ed0887-a692-4e30-95be-3b305d221054_zpshcohuabl.png
Banner by Steven F’N Bell

Hell in a Cell!

Falls Count Anywhere!

No Disqualifications!

Ironman Match!

These are all high-impact matches that we’ve gotten accustomed to seeing, but normally they’re spread out over some time. We might get a Falls Count Anywhere or No DQ match every couple of months, either on TV or a PPV. Hell is a Cell comes once a year, and Ironman Matches come pretty infrequently as well, and that’s on the men’s side of things. From October 30th through December 18th, we would have seen ALL of these matches…..in the WOMEN’S DIVISION!

I’m all for the Women’s Revolution, because I don’t think anybody wants to go back to the days of Kelly Kelly trying to run the ropes without tripping over her own feet, or Pillow Fight Jello Matches that you could see in a strip club surrounded by guys with no teeth and SKOL tucked in their jeans. But what I don’t like is the fact that the WWE seems to want to cram it down our throats all at once. I get it, we’re part of the REVOLUTION, a term that was thrown around so much in the first few weeks that it resembled a Cleveland Browns quarterback. There’s nothing wrong with that, but that Revolution needs to be tempered with patience and quality, not slap-dash booking and excess. Wars are not won in a day, and revolutions don’t happen overnight. These things take time, and the more you force it, the more you risk it backfiring.

I don’t want this to be a knock on the Division itself in any way, shape or form. The talent level on both Raw and Smackdown is better than it’s been in decades. With names like Charlotte, Sasha, Becky, Emma(lina), Alexa, Nikki and Nia, the roster is oozing with talent. The new stars are stepping up to make a name for themselves, while the veterans are sensing that they need to keep their games on point as well or they’ll be overtaken. It’s a pretty awesome problem to have. The problem though lies in the booking of the divisions themselves.

Let’s start with the obvious; the divisions, while stacked with talent, aren’t deep enough to be sustained on two shows. That’s why we are stuck in the middle of a never-ending feud between Sasha and Charlotte. The WWE is not ready to pull the trigger on the Bayley push, nor do they want to expose either of them to the size of Nia Jax. So you’re left with the same women fighting each other over and over again. The same happens on Smackdown with Nikki and Carmella in a feud that went longer than it should have. Time will tell how long the Alexa/Becky situation will last. For a company that normally runs at a break-neck speed, when it comes to the Women, the split roster makes the feuds last longer, and in a lot of instances, way too long.

That brings me to the crux of the problem itself. The WWE hammered the “anything the men can do, the women can do” point down our throats so much that now they’re looking to prove it, but they’re doing so to the extreme, and that could put the small rosters on both shows at risk of injury. Let’s look at Charlotte and Sasha for example. These two have already had battles that go all the way back to NXT. Sasha, being smaller in stature, has had to sit out for a bit due to some injuries, but upon her return the WWE books her and Charlotte in the first ever Women’s Hell in a Cell, a structure that is designed to END feuds. That’s it! You wrestle in HIAC, there’s not supposed to be more. But since then, we’ve had a Monday Night Raw that was supposed to end their feud once and for all, in a match that Mick Foley made NO DQ, Falls Count Anywhere. Again, both women put their bodies on the line, moonsaulting off announce tables and flying through the ropes with reckless abandon, something that Sasha needs to stop doing IMMEDIATELY.

You’d think that would have been the end of it right? Sasha won the belt back and is now 3-time Champion. But no, it goes on! Now, at Roadblock-End of the Line (the stupidest name ever), we’re now going to get a 30-Minute Ironman match for the title. Remember folks, this feud should have ended at HIAC. I’m pretty sure after the Ironman match we’re going to have a No DQ Falls Count Anywhere Inferno Rumble Arrogance on a Pole Lumberjack Match. It’s only the next logical iteration right? And it only makes sense because the Women’s Title on Raw is flopping around more than Dolph Ziggler during sex.

Over on Smackdown, just this past Sunday we had BOTH a No DQ match between Carmella and Nikki Bella, which featured some rather weak kendo stick shots and the longest fire extinguisher spot in history, and a Tables Match between Becky Lynch and the future former Mrs. Rob Simmons, Alexa Bliss. Both were fine in their own right, but add it to the long and getting longer everyday list of Women’s Gimmick Matches and we’re nearing the point of exhaustion. To preserve both the integrity of the division, as well as the safety of the Superstars, these types of matches need to be spread out. I’m not saying eliminate them entirely, but if the WWE keeps up at this pace, somebody’s going to get seriously hurt, and quite honestly my money’s on Sasha. Seriously, I think if she sneezes too hard she’s going to break a rib.

I love women’s wrestling, and right now we’re in a bit of a renaissance across the professional wrestling world. TNA still produces some good Knockouts matches, although they’re not what they once were. Ring of Honor is developing its own Women of Honor division. CHIKARA and Lucha Underground both have had women as their Champions, and women who regularly wrestle the men in their organizations to some very high-quality matches. It’s a great time to be a woman wrestler. In 2017 it appears that the WWE will be creating a Women’s Tournament to spotlight up and coming stars much like the CWC did for the Cruiserweights from around the world. My hope out of that is that the Women’s Divisions can get deeper, and more complex in their storytelling. I don’t want the Revolution to stop in the least. I just want it to pace itself so it can last into the next “ERA” of the WWE. Slow and steady wins the race, and it’s a very long race.

What do you think readers? Hit me up with your questions, comments, thoughts, etc. below or hit me up on Twitter. As usual thanks for reading, and if you don’t follow me yet on Twitter, click the link below my name.

Until next time,
Rob Out!

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