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Posted in: Chair Shots
Chair Shots Presents: Is Impact Wrestling About to Start a Turf War?
By Rob Simmons
Jun 27, 2017 - 1:32:40 PM


This Sunday, Impact Wrestling presents their 15th anniversary Slammiversary card from Orlando, FL. This Sunday, Impact Wrestling may also present their 1st anniversary of the giant train wreck that could occur during their four-way Tag Team Championship match. Buckle up folks, because this one gets all kind of confusing, with some twists and turns along the way. It will take us to Mexico, Lucha Underground, and back to Impact Wrestling before we’re all done.

In March of this year, Impact Wrestling announced a working relationship with AAA Mexico that would potentially involve a talent exchange sending Impact wrestlers to Mexico, and thusly having AAA wrestlers on US television. OK, that sounds all kinds of peachy for both parties. New blood is brought into AAA that could make things interesting, and at the same time bringing some Lucha Libre to Impact. It sounds like a good deal, and if anybody knows how to whore himself out, it’s Jeff Jarrett.

However, Dorian Roldan of AAA Mexico has as of late rubbed some people the wrong way. Some of his talent have left the promotion, including some high profile names like Pentagon Jr. The world of AAA has gotten very messy, and in the middle of the mess is a little promotion I’m kind of fond of, Lucha Underground. You see Lucha Underground has also had a working relationship with AAA Mexico, and has used Pentagon and other AAA wrestlers on their show since the beginning. Some have ceased appearing, while others have continued. It gets sort of messy, especially when it comes to LU characters like Pentagon Dark and Sexy Star; Lucha stars who have ceased going by those names but still exist in the pocket universe of Lucha Underground.

One of the major players in this mess is none other than Konnan. Konnan was heavily featured in Season One of Lucha Underground as the mentor of the up and coming legend, Prince Puma. But Konnan was written off, dead and buried in a casket by Mil Muertes. At the time, it seemed as though this was completely storyline driven and perhaps we’d see the cane-wielding Rudo down the line. However there was more to the story than anyone really knew at the time. Hurricane winds were blowing through Mexico, and a severe falling out occurred between Konnan and Roldan, with each swearing that they’d never work with the other again. Many of the AAA stars defected and went with Konnan to The Crash, the organization he ran. Did I mention this was messy?

So Lucha Underground was in a bit of a bind, which they’ll have to sort out should there be a Season 4. They have wrestlers on their roster from competing organizations; organizations that have sworn they would never work with each other. Pentagon, arguably one of Lucha Underground’s biggest current stars, is at the forefront of those decisions, along with many others.

But wait, isn’t this a column about Impact Wrestling? 500 words and we’re still not there yet. Come on man, get to it already!

OK, like I was saying before, this is a giant mess of a situation, and that mess may get even bigger come Sunday. If you haven’t been watching Impact Wrestling, then I might want to mention that their current Tag Team Champions are the newest version of LAX, Santana and Ortiz. Also part of the group is Knockout Diamante, and the group enforcer Hernandez. Oh, I might have forgot to mention that they’re managed by Konnan and the entire group is from The Crash.

Yes dear readers, in all its infinite wisdom Impact Wrestling has signed working agreements with both AAA Mexico and The Crash. When originally asked about the AAA deal, Konnan replied that business is business but he won’t work for or with AAA.

And that brings us to Sunday.

The Impact Wrestling Tag Team Championships will be put on the line in an International Fatal 4-Way match, with LAX defending their titles. One of the challenging teams is the team of Drago and El Hijo de Fantasma, representing…….you guessed it, AAA Mexico. Now it also gets blurry in regards to Lucha Underground as well, because Drago is currently a key character on the show and El Hijo de Fantasma has competed before as King Cuerno. Whether or not LU gets involved in having Drago appear on PPV is still to be answered, but the fact that Impact Wrestling has signed a match featuring two rival organizations with some pretty major hatred between them lends itself to some potential big issues.

The other two teams in the match, as of this writing, have not yet been announced, but one can only hope that they serve as a buffer between AAA and LAX, that is assuming this match even goes off at all. We all know Konnan. He’s outspoken, brash, at times a bit of a dick, but he also doesn’t back down. If Konnan said he would not work with or for AAA, then one can only conjecture that this match would be a part of that. I want to be fair here as well and say that El Hijo de Fantasma and Drago should in no way be part of the blame surrounding the clustermess that Jeff Jarrett and company have gotten themselves into.

Signing deals with two feuding organizations is in itself a head-scratcher. Putting Luchadors from those organizations in the same match just screams disaster. The way I see it, there are only three possible scenarios here, and only one of them ends positively.

1.) Konnan pulls his team from the match and refuses to allow them to participate. Knowing what we do of Konnan, he would probably also wait until the PPV was in motion, and perhaps even the match itself before he pulled this card. That would put Impact in a bad spot and some heavy explaining would need to be done. I don’t think Konnan worries about burning bridges either. It’s never been a concern before. The only thing perhaps different here is that he’s been tight with Jeff Jarrett in the past, but Jarrett signing the AAA deal may have put a strain on that relationship.

2.) The match goes on and completely breaks down between AAA and The Crash, leading into what could potentially become a shoot fight over turf. This in my opinion is the worst case scenario, and hopefully something like this wouldn’t occur. But the hatred is there folks, and it’s very real between the organizations. Konnan has gone on record about it. Let’s just hope that professionalism comes through and we don’t have a real war on our hands.

3.) The match goes on as planned, hopefully as I mentioned with the other two international teams working to buffer any tension between LAX and AAA. I’d like to think that this is what’s going to happen, because the last thing anyone needs is an international incident. And let’s hope that the two other teams have the common sense to do what needs to be done to ease what will almost certainly be a tense situation.

Jeff Jarrett made a mistake; plain and simple. And while he’ll probably say that this is what’s best for Impact Wrestling, the facts speak for themselves. The Crash and Konnan and AAA and Dorian Roldan are at each other’s throats in Mexico. Only time will tell if this spills over into the United States, but this is a long story with plenty of twists and turns still to play out. It’s a story that travels from Mexico to Boyle Heights to Orlando and it appears to be a bumpy trip.

So what do you think folks? Hit me up with your questions, thoughts, comments, etc. about what may or may not happen this Sunday. Is Jarrett nuts for not only the deal, but making this match? As always, thanks for reading

Until next time,
Rob Out!

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