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Posted in: Chair Shots
Chair Shots Presents: Is Payback Worth the Pay Out?
By Rob Simmons
May 28, 2014 - 10:21:03 AM

 photo ChairShots_zps40a9b317.png

Welcome back readers to the column that just advanced to the next round of the French Open- Chair Shots! So we’re just a few short days away from the next WWE PPV (or special event, I’m not sure which now), Payback. This will be our first PPV in quite some time where the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will not be defended, but that doesn’t mean that the Main Event shouldn’t be any less of a selling point right? Well in this case, that’s correct, as I fully expect Evolution vs. The Shield II to close out the show. Before we get to that though, there’s plenty of other action on the card that to me feels a little lackluster.

For the second straight PPV, the Pre-Show match will feature Hornswoggle vs. El Torito. They certainly brought the house down (or the parts of it they could reach) at Extreme Rules in their WeeLC match, so why not do it again right? Once again there is a stipulation on the line as we have a Hair vs. Mask match. While this feud has been entertaining, I’m about ready for it to be over. 3MB and Los Matadores need to move on, but the big question is to where? 3MB may have been irreparably damaged by having all its member lose singles matches to a small bull. It’s quite a shame really, because Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater have some skill, and could really be pushed as a legit tag team. Jinder Mahal needs to go away though, and honestly it would be no big loss. There’s absolutely no way Torito loses his mask, so the 8-year veteran, Hornswoggle, will be getting his head shaved on Sunday.

In a crazy, alternate universe twist, both Midcard titles are on the line Sunday. I know right? That’s some crazy stuff right there. I’m pretty interested in one of the matches, while the other just doesn’t do much for me. Let’s start with that one and get it out of the way shall we? I hate Rob Van Dam, not even gonna lie. If you’ve read my columns, or heard me on LOP Radio, you know this isn’t a new piece of information. I just don’t think Van Dam is relevant anymore. He’s seems to be going through the motions, and everything about him is so dated, from his tights to his haircut, to his in-ring style. The man hasn’t changed in 10 years. There should be growth in a wrestler, but the only thing RVD is growing is weed in his backyard. So I really want Wade Barrett to shine in this match. I think he’s worked hard to get the gimmick over and deserves a big push here. Van Dam doesn’t need the belt, so this is just a stop gap until a better challenger comes along.

On the other hand, Cesaro challenging Sheamus for the US Title should be a slobberknocker. Think about this for a second, we have the Swiss challenging the Irish for the United States title. Hmmm, well that doesn’t sound right does it? I kid, it’s not like it hasn’t happened before. Anyway, we’ve got two very hard hitting competitors in the ring for this encounter, and it shouldn’t be anything less than a street fight. Cesaro is on a huge roll, and the US Title has seemed to invigorate a stagnant Sheamus to up his game some. I’m a fan of both men really, even though I think Sheamus needs a heel turn, so all I want out of this encounter is a brutal, knock down drag out fight. Hopefully the WWE gives them about 15 minutes to work with, because this one could potentially steal the show. If I had to make a prediction here, I’d go with Cesaro taking the belt, but the feud continuing for some time. In fact, if they wanted to make this epic, they could do a Best of 7 series for the title much like Magnum T.A. and Nikita Koloff did back in the day. If you’ve never seen those matches, go check them out- mat classics!


So it appears that Big E. vs. Rusev has been announced for the PPV as well, which you’ll hear on Smackdown this week. I’ve got little interest in this match, but it continues Rusev’s streak of beating up on the black wrestler. I’m not sure where Big E. goes from here. Personally, I think he’s already peaked in the WWE. He’s not going to be a Main Event guy, and his Midcard title run was lackluster at best. Rusev on the other hand appears to be getting fast tracked to a major push. He’s got the look that the WWE likes- big, strong, powerful. In a way, his push reminds me of the push that Umaga received when he debuted in the WWE. He had the manager to keep him in check. He brutalized a lot of lesser wrestlers, and then he was fast tracked to the Main Event. Personally, he does nothing for me, but time will tell if Rusev, and more importantly Lana, can survive.


The Divas get some time at Payback as Paige defends her title against the now Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs Alicia Fox. Fox has had a lot of people talking lately about her new shtick and how it’s been quite entertaining. I can’t disagree, but I wish she were a better performer to make it come off better. I want her to fully commit to the character; just go full on bat shit crazy. When she’s throwing her tantrums at ringside I want to believe it. Right now, she’s very tentative in her crazy. She whacks the announce table too softly. She doesn’t assault the ringside guys with enough believability. I know, I’m being picky, but if she just took it up one more level it would be so much better.

As for Paige, I can’t help be a little bit worried about her. She was pushed to the title immediately and has yet to be able to win over the audience enough to call that insta-push a success. They didn’t give her much time to develop her character, and quite frankly I’m not even quite sure if she really has one. She’s a very talented wrestler, but much like Emma she hasn’t been given a lot of chance to show that as of yet. She’s playing the underdog champion who gets beaten down week after week only to find some way to snatch a victory. That’s not Paige, not one single bit. I don’t know what I’m expecting in this one. Alicia Fox is probably one of the better wrestlers in the existing Divas division, but that isn’t saying that much. I don’t expect more than 5-6 minutes here, but hopefully we’ll see something more than a bathroom break.

That leaves us with our two top matches, and both should deliver in my opinion. The Bray Wyatt/John Cena feud has ripped the IWC in half. There are some people that absolutely love what is going on between these two men (me included) and there are others that wanted to see this end two months ago. There’s no doubt the story has had some ups and downs. Their WM match was riveting, not so much for the action but for the story being told. However their cage match at Extreme Rules left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths. So now we have a Last Man Standing match, in what SHOULD be the culmination of a month’s long feud. Again though, I don’t think the story here is whether or not Bray Wyatt can beat John Cena. As has been the case, it’s hard to claim victory over an opponent whose agenda is not to beat you in the ring, but to beat you in your mind. Bray doesn’t care about losing the battle. He cares about winning the war. And this war is all about exposing John Cena for what he is- a hypocrite.

After months of breaking down Cena mentally, Cena will have to physically do the same thing to Wyatt in order to win Sunday. The question is, just how far will John Cena go to secure a victory? Wyatt isn’t going to stay down. He’s going to keep getting up, time and time and time again until he forces Cena to cross the line he doesn’t want to cross. And that’s the big question isn’t it? How far will John Cena go? Cena has had his share of Last Man Standing matches, but maybe none more intriguing than this one. He’s not going to beat Wyatt with duct tape like he did Batista. Wyatt will chew his own arm off to get out. The outcome of this one is intriguing. What do you think readers? How far WILL John Cena go to secure a victory not only in the match, but a victory for his legacy?

That leads us to our Main Event- Evolution vs. The Shield in a No Holds Barred Elimination Match. Who isn’t excited for this one? If you’re not, than I have no idea what will get you excited in the WWE nowadays. I will once again profess my gratitude to the WWE for getting everything right when it comes to Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose. When was the last time a character or characters were introduced that have captured the fans attention like The Shield. They are without a doubt, in a very short time, one of THE BEST factions that have ever existed. That’s a bold statement right there, and I stand by it without question.

There’s not a lot to say about this match itself. It’s going to be fantastic action from start to finish. I expect it to once again be all over the arena. All six men will shine, and once again the WWE will deliver another MOTY candidate at yet another PPV continuing their 2014 streak. The Shield are stars, and the fact that Triple H and Evolution are willing to put over this team shows how much faith the WWE has in all three men. But it will end someday; I think we all know that. The WWE will at some point pull the trigger on the breakup and it will be that day that the collective WWE Universe sheds some tears. Until that day comes however, I will fully enjoy each and every match that The Shield participate in, as should each and every one of you. It’s a rare thing that’s happening with these three. Enjoy the ride!

So dear readers, are you excited for Payback? I’ll be watching as always, and I hope that it can continue what has been a pretty solid year of WWE PPV’s. As usual, thanks so much for reading. I do appreciate each and every click on my column, comment left, vote cast when applicable. It means a lot to me that Chair Shots continues to grow. So thanks!

Leave your thoughts, comments, questions, suggestions, death threats, and your summertime jams at all the applicable outlets.

Until next time,
Rob Out!

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