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Posted in: Chair Shots
Chair Shots Presents: Great Balls of Fire- Several Intriguing Matches and One That's Not
By Rpb Simmons
Jul 6, 2017 - 1:29:57 PM

This Sunday, WWE presents the first (and hopefully) last PPV sporting the ridiculous name of Great Balls of Fire. This name is so bad that even the talent have taken to making fun of it on TV, most recently Dean Ambrose on Monday Night Raw. To add to the ridiculousness, WWE apparently had to pay for the rights to the actual name and song use which is currently owned by the family of Jerry Lee Lewis. However, despite the horrible name, the PPV has many very solid matches that could make for a pretty stellar PPV.

The Pre-Show match alone, which I would argue should be on the card proper, Akira Tozawa vs. Neville has the potential to be a stellar encounter. The only problem however is that the WWE won’t give this match much more than 10-12 minutes prior to the actual kick-off of the PPV. Neville, despite his near MVP performance in 2017, isn’t getting nearly the accolades he deserves because the Cruiserweight Division in general is being handled rather poorly. I do like that they’re starting to incorporate more of the Cruiserweights into the regular storylines and vice versa, notably with Tozawa being recruited to the Titus Brand with his real life best friend Apollo Crews. I’m looking forward to this match, but I just wish it got the attention it deserved.

Another match I’m looking forward to is the next chapter in the continuing rivalry between Dean Ambrose and The Miz. I’ve said it before, but I think that each man brings out the best in the other, making this a feud that could go down as a classic in the record books. Dean Ambrose, in my opinion, has a tendency to get sloppy and lackadaisical if not properly motivated. For whatever reason, The Miz motivates him and their matches are always top-notch. I don’t know if they’ll be able to top their last encounter, but I do know that both men will bring their A-Game, which they always seem to do when working together.

Intriguing is the word to describe the 30-Minute Iron (Team) Man Match between the Hardys and Sheamus & Cesaro for the Tag Team Championships. There have been reports that Sheamus will be heading out for a bit to do a movie, which would make many speculate that the Hardys will recapture the gold on Sunday. There have also been reports that Matt & Jeff are very close to being able to use the “Broken” gimmick that got them such notoriety in Impact Wrestling. Much like The Miz and Ambrose, these two teams have a chemistry together which makes their encounters that much more interesting. Chemistry makes or breaks a match, and in these two cases it puts them over the top. I’d like to see the Hardys reclaim the belts here and then move on to work with a returning Revival, which would be a heck of a program for sure.

Cass should beat the snot out of Enzo. It shouldn’t be much more than that. However, with Big Show already in the storyline, expect a possible confrontation between Show and Cass, leading up to a big man match either on Raw or at the next Raw-branded PPV. There’s some serious potential in Cass, and he’s certainly got the look that Vince likes.

The Women’s Title will be defended as Little Miss Bliss (my BAE) takes on Sasha (I use the word “sweetheart” too much) Banks. I can say that I’m a little indifferent on this match, not because I don’t think it will be good, but because I just don’t see much upside to another Sasha Banks title run at this time. I’d love to see the WWE put a little push behind Emma, who has clearly been underutilized since coming back from injury. She’s honestly never had the chance to really show what she can do on the Main Roster, which is a shame because the girl can go. From the looks of it though, it might be time for a Nia Jax push, which I’m OK with because she’s worked hard to improve, and she looked quite good in the Gauntlet Match on Raw.

So before I get to the two Main Events, I want to talk a little bit about a match I really don’t give a damn about, and how my feelings about it are quite opposite of how I WANT to feel about it. Bray Wyatt will meet Seth Rollins in a match that has had stupid build up, little motivation, and two Superstars who at this point are floundering about like fish out of water.


I’ve not been a huge fan of Seth Rollins in the past, but I can appreciate that he has real talent in the ring. The problem has been that the WWE doesn’t seem to know how to market him. He’s a face it seems, but a lot of times he’s not very likeable. He comes off as a bit of a prick, which makes it hard for fans to get behind him. Bray Wyatt has had the same problems, but for much, much longer. Wyatt is like a lost soul looking for guidance that never comes. He had a Family, then he didn’t, then he did again, then he had part of a family, then Sister Sledge sang “We Are Family,” and then he was left alone on Raw, still proclaiming himself the Eater of Worlds and the New Face of Fear. How is that even possible when he’s eaten nary a world nor scared anyone? Quite frankly, THIS is your Pre-Show match, despite the fact that both men continue to hover around the Main Event scene. I don’t know how to fix either man honestly. Seth at least seems fixable at this point, where poor Bray may be a lost cause. That makes me sad.

Our two Main Events however are going to be quite entertaining. First off, Braun Strowman faces Superman Red, Roman Reigns in an Ambulance Match, or if you’re from Baltimore City, an Ambalance Match. I was talking to my friend Jason about this last night and we both remarked how odd it is that we became Braun Strowman fans. Here’s a guy that skipped NXT, looked incredibly out of place when he first started, then became one of the most entertaining big men we’ve seen in quite some time. His feud with Reigns has been nothing but fun, with both men trying to inflict as much pain as possible on the other, which led us to where we are on Sunday. Which of these two powerhouses will be able to put down the other to the point that they can throw them in the bank of an ambulance and send them on their way? I’d love to see Braun pick up the win here, because I think a win for him does more than a win for Roman does. Reigns doesn’t need the win to get to the next level, Braun does. A big match win over Roman will put him in the title hunt, and make him a real legitimate threat, which he should be. Let’s hope we get Reigns rolling out of the arena.

Finally, we have the match that has everyone talking, Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship (which is a thing I’m told exists). This very website has had Point/Counterpoint columns arguing why Joe should and should not choke out Brock Lesnar on Sunday and win the title. This columnist falls on the side of SHOULD. Joe winning Sunday does a number of things for the WWE. First, it creates one of those special moments that people want but really don’t think they’re going to get. I mean the odds are heavily on Brock retaining, as they quite frankly should be. Brock has destroyed almost everyone in his path, except for that 50-year old Grandpa, but I’m going to forget that ever happened. Secondly, it sets up a series of matches that quite frankly could be the feud of the year. Joe isn’t scared of Lesnar. That might be a first. While others have said they’re not afraid of him, there always seemed to be a little fear still in their eyes. The only thing in Joe’s eyes is the hunt. Some would argue that Joe’s past his prime and the spot should be given to someone younger, but I would argue that Joe’s age makes him the perfect person to knock off Lesnar. He’s got years of experience wrestling around the world, beating everyone. This is the last mountain for Joe to climb, and nothing appears to be stopping him.

Joe needs to win on Sunday, plain and simple. A loss sends him back to the mid-card, whereas a win makes him a top-tier player, a spot that I think he deserves, especially after being looked over for so long by the WWE. Do the right thing Vince, choke out the Beast!

What do you think folks? Hit me up with your thoughts on Sunday’s PPV below or follow me on Twitter at the link under my name. Your feedback and your readership are truly appreciated. Just a note that they’ll be no 4WD Review for GBOF as I’ll be heading out on vacation first thing Monday morning, but I’ll be back the following week with more Chair Shots goodness.

Until next time,
Rob Out!

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