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Posted in: Chair Shots
Chair Shots Presents: Did the WWE Manage to Make Me Care About The Bellas?
By Rob Simmons
Jul 29, 2014 - 10:03:45 AM

 photo ChairShots_zps40a9b317.png

Welcome back everybody to the column that just made it to the finals of American Ninja Warrior- Chair Shots! We’re several hours removed from Monday Night Raw, and hopefully you enjoyed most of the show as much as I did. It was quite an entertaining evening starting with Cena vs. Cesaro and ending with Brie Bella? Yes that’s right, Monday Night Raw’s closing segment did not have Cena. It did not have Lesnar. It did not have Reigns. The closing segment of Monday Night Raw was the confrontation between Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella.

I hate the Bellas. I really do. But somehow, in all their magical sorcery, the WWE has made me care about a storyline involving The Bella Twins. It’s no secret that the WWE has been pushing The Bellas as the top Divas in their company for some time now. Let’s be honest, they created an ENTIRE TELEVISION SHOW just to spotlight Brie and Nikki. Yes, there are other Divas on that show, but without a doubt the stars are The Bellas.

But despite their best intentions, the WWE still couldn’t get them over. Part of that issue is the fact that they’ve had some very inconsistent booking on television since their return to the WWE. While Total Divas wants us to care about them, their appearances in the WWE mostly portrayed them as very unlikeable women. They picked on any Diva that wasn’t part of their clique. They continued to make imaginary “L” signs with their hands, claiming their opponents as losers. They were just not nice individuals. So much of the WWE Universe, including me, just didn’t give a damn about The Bellas.

What probably went unnoticed during this whole push was the fact that both Nikki and Brie have improved greatly in the ring. Now don’t get me wrong, neither of them are going to pull off a Trish vs. Lita match anytime soon, but compared to where they were before they left and where they are now, it’s a massive improvement. It’s probably no surprise that they’re both involved with top stars on the WWE roster, and their current move sets reflect that.

Nikki Bella (or #FunbagsCena), is the power wrestler of the two. She’s noticeably more muscular than her sister, and she uses a more power based move set, culminating in her finishing move- The Rack Attack. Brie, the smaller sister, works quicker and more mat based, much like her husband Daniel Bryan. When they debuted, the WWE didn’t want you to notice a difference between the two. Now, on the other hand, the WWE couldn’t be pushing their differences any harder, and I’m quite happy about that. The Twin Magic gimmick only works so long, and it was beyond time that each Bella broke out on their own.

And that brings us to now, where on a particular Monday night, Brie Bella closed out Raw. Fellow Main Page writer Oliver asked a question on Twitter about whether or not we care about this feud and Brie’s match with Stephanie at SummerSlam. Much to my own surprise, I said I did. I’ve actually been very interested in this feud, and the WWE has quite frankly made me care about a Bella.

There is a lot of credit here to be given to Stephanie McMahon for pushing this to the level it is currently at. There isn’t a heel in the business right now that is at the level of performance that Stephanie is, bar none. She’s reaching levels of evil that have only ever been topped by the Chairman of the Board, Steph’s Daddy, Vince McMahon. If you watched last night’s segment, you would have seen some pretty impressive levels of emotion from Stephanie. She was crying on cue. She was shaking at the thought of wrestling, and then with the flip of a switch (or slap of a hand), she made Brie Bella the star of the segment. Stephanie proclaimed that Brie would be her bitch at SummerSlam, slapping her so hard she went off the apron and to the ground below. It was a classic Monday Night Raw moment.

And I cared about The Bellas. The crowd cared about The Bellas. The Houston crowd chanted “This is Awesome!” for a segment involving Brie Bella. Will the match with Stephanie at SummerSlam be the match of the night? There’s no way in Hell that’s going to happen, but it will certainly draw some heat with the L.A. crowd. It’s no secret that most people consider the Divas matches a bathroom break during most PPV’s, but at SummerSlam we’re going to have Paige vs. AJ and Stephanie vs. Brie Bella, neither of which I would consider that break in the action we’re used to.

I think we also have to consider the wrinkle that might be thrown into this match, and that’s the rumour floating around of Nikki Bella turning heel on her sister. You can almost guarantee that she will be in Brie’s corner come SummerSlam, cheering on her sister against the evil Authority. But what if? What if Nikki decides to join Stephanie and Hunter, screwing her sister out of revenge against the forces that have tried to keep both her and her husband down? It would be an interesting twist to a storyline that could further elevate both Nikki and Brie to even greater heights.

However, that brings me to the point I’ve been pondering for some time. If Nikki DOES turn on her sister, will the WWE finally acknowledge the relationship between Nikki Bella and John Cena. Right now, there’s really no need to bring that up on television. The feud is Brie’s, and while Nikki has been getting beatdown on the regular, bringing Cena into it hasn’t been a necessity yet. Yes, on Twitter the #ScumbagCena hashtag is being made famous, but adding Cena NOW puts the focus on Nikki and not on Brie where it belongs. But a Nikki heel turn would then make Cena’s involvement important.

Cena is currently being hunted by The Authority for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. They’ve gone so far as to enlist the man that broke Triple H’s arm, Brock Lesnar, to get the job done. How betrayed would John Cena be, if his girlfriend went over and joined the same people that are trying to annihilate him? You would almost HAVE TO bring it into play at that point, and the consequences could be ongoing for some time. We’d have a Nikki/Brie feud, with the potential of having another John Cena/Daniel Bryan feud down the road should D-Bry get back into shape.

With Daniel being out of the picture for a while, he might blame John Cena for the actions being taken against his wife. He might feel anger that Cena didn’t know his girlfriend well enough to see it coming. We’ve already been given a small glimpse of what a John Cena/Daniel Bryan feud could be. Personally, I want to see more, and if that means more Bellas, I’m all for that. But until that time comes around, somehow, someway, the WWE HAS made me interested in what is going to happen with Nikki and Brie, and that’s no small feat.

What do you think readers? Has the WWE pulled off a miracle by making you invested in a Bella’s storyline? Hit me up with your questions, comments, suggestions, death threats and new hashtags for Nikki and Brie at all the available outlets.

As always, thanks for reading. I appreciate you taking a small chunk of your day to read Chair Shots!

Until Next Time,
Rob Out!

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