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Posted in: Chair Shots
Chair Shots: Can The Divas Division Ever Be Relevant Again?
By TripleR
Jan 14, 2013 - 2:00:17 PM


Welcome back loyal readers to another edition of Chair Shots. I want to start with one minor piece of housekeeping. The Columns Forum NxT Tournament has just about completed its qualifying round and I must say that the turnout has been tremendous. A big thanks if you’ve taken a shot at this thing, and if you want to read some really good pieces of work, and see some good columnists progress as it goes along, pop on over to the CF. The winner of this thing will be offered a spot here on the Main Page, so it’s a worthy endeavor.

Last night I was watching TNA’s Genesis PPV, and while it wasn’t anything special in my opinion, I was impressed with the outing of the TNA Knockouts and their Gauntlet Match to determine the #1 contender for Tara’s Knockouts title. Just a few short years ago, the TNA Knockouts were getting some of the highest ratings during the Impact broadcasts with the likes of Gail Kim, Awesome Kong, and The Beautiful People drawing in people with some high quality matches. Right now, the division is nowhere near what it once was, and is barely a half a dozen wrestlers deep, but the Knockouts involved in last night’s match put forth more effort than any Divas match I’ve seen in the WWE in probably the last two years.

Gail Kim, Miss Tessmacher, Mickie James, ODB, and Velvet Sky were given 12:00 minutes to work what was a very entertaining match. Velvet Sky came out on top, but it was Gail Kim who stole the spotlight eliminating all competitors except for Velvet. I made a comment on Twitter following that match, that this was something that none of the current crop of WWE Divas could accomplish, even if given that amount of time to work with. The WWE Divas division is floundering, and with the news that the current champion Eve is set to leave the company, it’s about to get that much worse.

Whenever someone brings up the Divas division, most wrestling fans today stop listening. The running joke is that for every Divas PPV match, you have a very crowded bathroom. The WWE really doesn’t have anybody to blame but themselves for the state of the division. Instead of hiring skilled female wrestlers, they decided many years ago to hire models and wannabe actresses with no knowledge of the business, nor any discernible athletic ability. The biggest name in the Divas division for some time was Kelly Kelly, a model who made running the ring ropes look like rocket science. And this was the person the WWE decided would be the face of the Divas. This was who they wanted to represent all that the Divas division was about. The problem was that the WWE doesn’t see that this is a problem.

Such little attention is paid to the Divas division today, that there is a constant rotation of cookie-cutter females in and out of the scene with little or no thought put into what role any of them play at any given time. Alicia Fox is a prime example of the lack of thought that goes into the Diva characters. You never quite know if Alicia is going to play the heel or the face when she appears on TV, and she flip-flops so often that no one even really cares at this point. I would go so far as to say I don’t even see the point of having a Divas division at all with such little care that the WWE even puts into what goes on in it.

And as I mentioned earlier, one of their more talented in-ring workers, Eve Torres, is set to leave the company. I don’t know if you can call this a “big blow” to a division that such little impact, but at least Eve has a character, and more ring talent than almost the rest of the entire division combined. If you take a look at who is left in the division, you’ll see that it’s really a sad state for the Divas right now.

AJ Lee- more involved in other storylines than the Divas Division
Aksana - useless as both a wrestler and a manager
Alicia Fox- - on and off TV frequently, no real role to speak of
Cameron/Naomi- The Funkadactyls, rarely used in ring.
Natalya- completely wasted by the WWE. The most talented female on the roster now hanging with Khali and Hornswoggle
Rosa Mendes- currently managing Primo and Epico. When in the ring, she’s downright scary.
Kaitlyn- currently getting a push, but still very green in the ring.
Layla- former Divas champion, but hasn’t been seen much recently.
Tamina Snuka- was pushed upon her return, but has again drifted into the background.

There are several Divas down in NxT that could be brought up to the main roster fairly soon, including Paige and Ric Flair’s daughter now known as Charlotte, but if you look at what’s left, would anybody really miss the division if it were to go away? In the last couple of years, the WWE has lost Michelle McCool, The Bella Twins, Kharma, and Kelly Kelly. While Kelly Kelly wasn’t anything great in the ring, at least she was popular and had a following. You can’t say that about who’s left amongst the active Divas roster, except for AJ Lee.

I feel that the WWE has made a big mistake not putting the Divas title around AJ’s waist. She’s over with the crowd, has a character, and with her now being coupled with Dolph Ziggler they could become the WWE Power Couple. But for some strange reason, the WWE has kept her as far away from the championship as she can get, barely even competing in the Divas division. It’s a move that I really don’t understand.

The WWE recently hired Sara Del Rey, an established female wrestler, to train the Divas currently in NxT. This is a very positive sign, as she can bring a lot to the table when teaching the next wave of female wrestlers. However, the WWE needs to actually start hiring some female wrestlers that have in-ring experience to usher in a new excitement for the division. Hiring Sara Del Rey is one thing, but if she has the same level of talent to work with, her job is exponentially harder.

I’m a fan of women’s wrestling. I think there’s a place in the professional wrestling landscape for it to exist. At one time, the WWE had an great Women’s division, with the likes of Trish Stratus, Lita, Tori, Ivory, Jacqueline, Molly Holly, and Victoria just to name a few. Any combination of them could put on a stellar match at any given time. Trish Stratus is a prime example of someone with very little wrestling ability who can learn and grow and become one of the best the WWE ever had. The WWE just doesn’t seem invested enough in the division to put that much time into any one female, let alone an entire division.

Let me ask you a question my loyal readers. If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound? The same question can be asked of the Divas Division. If the Divas went away today, would any of us make a sound? The Divas are on life-support, and while I wouldn’t mind giving mouth to mouth to any number of them, it’s going to take a lot more than that to get them back on track.

But at this point, does anybody care?

Until next time,
Trip Out!

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