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  • News on Chad Gable's WWE NXT TV Debut, Interesting Trivia on Brock Lesnar and FLGA Line

  • Update on Adrian Neville Getting a New WWE Gimmick, Notes on NXT and Full Sail Students

  • News for Tonight's WWE RAW - Christmas with Hulk Hogan, Reigns' Rampage, Ryback, More

  • Update on a Former NWA Champion Possibly Going to WWE, WWE Stars Return Home, Birthdays

  • TNA Announces Another New TV Show on Destination America

  • Non-Spoiler WWE Main Event Preview, Adrian Neville Wins Dark Match, Darren Young Comments

  • Natalya Talks About Vince McMahon's Brass Ring Comments, Her Relationship with Tyson, More

  • WWE Beginning Big Storyline on the First RAW of 2015?, Batista Comments on Titus O'Neil

  • Update on Bo Dallas' WWE Status, Big Man Debuts In WWE NXT, New Rotunda Family Photo

  • When Will Sami Zayn Return to NXT?, Reigns Grants First Solo Wish, Praise for NXT Matches

  • MORE NEWS...


  • *SPOILERS* WWE SmackDown Tapings for 12/26/14

  • *SPOILERS* WWE Main Event Tapings for 12/23/14

  • WWE NXT Results 12/18/14

  • WWE Super SmackDown Results 12/16/14

  • WWE Main Event Results 12/16/14

  • WWE Monday Night RAW Results 12/15/14

  • WWE TLC PPV Results 12/14/14

  • *SPOILERS* WWE NXT Tapings for December and January

  • WWE NXT Takeover: R Evolution Results 12/11/14



  • Chair Shots Presents: The Obligatory Year-End Column Circa 2014

  • Doctor's Orders: The Road to WrestleMania Countdown (Day 1: Battle Royal Castoffs)

  • ATTITUDE! Royal Rumble 2001 (CPR Productions)

  • The NXT Review: 18/12/2014 – Owens Me, Owens You (Aha!)

  • My Two Centsss - These Are The Seven Best NXT Matches of 2014

  • MR. TITO STRIKES BACK - Why Did WWE Let Brock Lesnar Defeat Undertaker at Wrestlemania & John Cena at SummerSlam?

  • Chair Shots Presents: Welcome to the Underground...The Lucha Underground

  • The PEN15 Mightier - Live Raw Blog (Dec 15) + TLC and NXT thoughts, with updated Rankings

  • REQUESTING FLYBY: Tables, Ladder, Chairs (and Stairs) 2014 Review

  • Chair Shots Presents: TLC & S- The 4WD Review



  • IWA Mid South Strong Style Tournament @iwamidsouth

  • Shimmer Women Athletes Returns 04/11 & 04/12 @shimmerwomen

  • Freelance Wrestling Announces Tag Team Championship Tournament @freelancewres

  • Updated Card Progress Wrestling Chapter 17 Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger @thisis_progress

  • Updated Card Progress Wrestling ENDVR 8 @thisis_progress

  • Gulf Coast Wrestling News, Florida Indy Wrestling, Pictures, Videos, and more!

  • MORE INDY...

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