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  • Spoiler: Former Ring of Honor Star Debuts In WWE NXT (Photo)

  • *SPOILERS* WWE NXT Tapings from 6/23, Airing In June and July

  • New WWE NXT Announce Team, WWE RAW Rating Up, Finn Balor Talks Promotional Tour (Video)

  • Bobby Lashley Invites President Trump to Impact Wrestling Slammiversary

  • Jeff Jarrett Hypes Very Special Guest for Impact Wrestling Slammiversary

  • Possible Spoiler on a Former ROH Star Debuting with WWE NXT Tonight

  • Title Matches for Tonight's WWE NXT Tapings, Baron Corbin Pick of the Week, WWE - Combos

  • Mauro Ranallo Thanks Triple H and Michael Cole, WWE Playlist on Brock Lesnar Brawls

  • Vince McMahon and Triple H on Stephanie McMahon Honor, The Velveteen Dream on His Style

  • Luke Harper Movie News, Mike & Maria Kanellis WWE Theme Song Released, More

  • MORE NEWS...


  • *SPOILERS* WWE NXT Tapings from 6/23, Airing In June and July

  • WWE nXt Results- June 21, 2017

  • WWE SmackDown Results 6/20/17

  • WWE Monday Night RAW Results 6/19/17

  • WWE Money In The Bank PPV Results 6/18/17

  • WWE nXt Results- June 14, 2017 (Women's Championship: Asuka vs. Nikki Cross vs. Ruby Riot)

  • WWE SmackDown Results 6/13/17

  • NJPW Dominion Results

  • WWE Monday Night RAW Results 6/12/17




  • Perfect 10 Wrestling - BRRAAAUUUUNN, Ellsworth & Alistair Black. A.K.A. Why SmackDown's Currently in the Crapper

  • The Doc Says..."Smackdown Live Is In A Strange Place After WWE Money in the Bank" (w/ Dave Fenichel)

  • The Late Shift with Steven Bell - Recapping and Grading SmackDown 6/20/17 (Is WWE Scrambling To "Fix" Women's MITB Or Was This The Plan All Along?, Nakamura In Action, Daniel Bryan Returns)

  • The Global Revolution (Okada/Omega II, Lucha Underground, wXw)

  • The Late Shift with Steven Bell - Recapping and Grading RAW 6/19/17 (Enzo/Cass Split Is A Mistake, Reigns Is A Douche, The Samoan Joes Deliver Big, Steve Marks Out For Braun's Return, Much More!)

  • LOP Radio Aftershock: WWE Money in the Bank 2017 (Controversy Abounds, New Superstars Debut, Worst Show Ever? No. Amazingly Mediocre? Yes.)



  • Just Business presents #102: Chapter 2.2 ~ The Cena Shift, on the Roster

  • The Eternal Optimist Presents - 10 Things I Liked in WWE This Week

  • On This Day in Pro Wrestling History... Steve Austin wins King of the Ring 1996 and cuts Austin 3:16 Promo

  • SOUND OF THE UNDERGROUND: S3E23 - Family First

  • Doctor's Orders: The Top 100 Tag Teams of the WrestleMania Era (#1-#5) - Was The Top Spot Ever In Doubt?

  • MR. TITO STRIKES BACK - Can Baron Corbin Succeed as WWE Champion?

  • Just Business presents #102: Chapter 2.1 ~ The Cena Shift, in the Ring

  • Chair Shots Presents: An NXT Live in Bel Air Experience

  • The Eternal Optimist Presents: "The Good, The Good and The Good - Money in the Bank Edition"

  • Chair Shots Presents: The MITB 4WD Review


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