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  • WWE's Injury Update on Lesnar, The Authority Headed to Super Bowl (Photo), WWE Countdown

  • Update on WWE Partnering with Tapout, WWE Network to Honor Black History Month, Superstars

  • WWE Divas Attend ESPN Events, WWE vs. TNA In Orlando, WWE Stars Who Played Football, RAW

  • Top WWE Star Attending Super Bowl, Update on The Rock's Reality Show, Casket Match, El Gigante

  • LOP Radio Presents...The Doc and Xanman's WrestleMania Rewind (Noon ET)

  • TNA Star Busted Open with Metal Bar, Loaded TNA Impact Tapings Today, Tyrus Takes a Shot

  • TNA Lockdown Matches Announced, TNA Airing British Bootcamp 2 In the US, Rivals, Impact - Canada

  • Tyson Kidd on Teaming with Cesaro, Vince McMahon's Brass Ring Comments, Working WWE NXT, More

  • More Former WWE Talents Joining "Concussion Lawsuit" Soon?, Lawyers and Wrestlers Comment

  • Highlights from Daniel Bryan's Twitter Q&A with the NFL's Seattle Seahawks

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  • *SPOILERS* TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings for 3/6/15

  • *SPOILERS* TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings for 2/27/15

  • WWE SmackDown Results 1/29/15

  • *SPOILERS* WWE Main Event Tapings for This Week (Hulu Plus, International)

  • *SPOILERS* TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings for 2/20/15

  • *SPOILERS* TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings for 2/13/15

  • WWE Monday Night RAW Results 1/26/15

  • WWE Royal Rumble PPV Results 1/25/15

  • WWE SmackDown Results 1/22/15



  • Doctor's Orders: The Road to WrestleMania Countdown (Day 18: Just Outside the Top 100)

  • REQUESTING FLYBY: Picking Up The 'Mania Pieces (It's All About The Undercard Now)

  • The NXT Review: 28/01/2015 – Money In The Banks

  • Welcome to the Underground: The Machine Is Turned On; and Rivalries Re-Ignite

  • Trolls Don't Cry- CF Columnist of the Year Co-Winner Kleckamania

  • An American Motion Sickness: The Steinerbag (Holla If You Read It!)- CF Columnist of the Year Co-Winner Cult Icon

  • Doctor's Orders: WWE Month in Review (January 2015) - Addressing the Controversy, Celebrating the Greatness

  • REQUESTING FLYBY: Why Daniel Bryan Should Have Won The Royal Rumble & Why The Roman Reigns Apologists Are Horribly Deluded

  • From Five Stars to Crashed Cars in Philly (CPR Productions)

  • MR. TITO STRIKES BACK - Seth Rollins Has a Chance to SAVE Wrestlemania 31 From a Roman Reigns Disaster



  • Progress Wrestling Chapter 17 HBFS Results @thisis_progress

  • Chikara A New Start Results @chikarapro

  • Excellence PW Reservations For 2 Results @excellencepw

  • IWA Mid South Reckoning Results @iwamidsouth

  • AAW Chaos Theory Results @aawpro

  • Gulf Coast Wrestling News, Florida Indy Wrestling, Pictures, Videos, and more!

  • MORE INDY...

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